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    Visual Studio Macros for Dummies

    If you are doing serious software development you probably have automated builds (via TeamBuild or some other tool) which build all the build configurations you have, run all your unit tests, run code analysis rules, run source analysis rules and more. While writing code you probably want to have all those extra tools and checks turned off because they will drag your productivity down. When you are about to check-in, however, you will need to make sure your solution builds without errors in different build configurations as well as run all tests to make sure you are not about to...
    August 22, 2008
  • Desktop WPF

    WPF Futures is out!

    Today is an exciting day for me. Scratch that. Today is an exciting day for a whole lot of people here in Telerik. For the past several months we have been tirelessly crafting the future of telerik's Charting product line. Today, my friends, is an exciting day indeed because it all goes public. The Futures release of our WPF effort has just been published here with online examples available here. Together with the Chart and Gauges controls we are also featuring a technical preview of our scheduler component of WPF. Here is a summary for all the controls included with this release: RadChart for WPF -...

    RadChart in ASP.NET MVC

    I just came upon this awesome blog post by Andreas who has managed to create an action for rendering an image. I'm blogging here to give more of you guys a heads up on his post. If you are into the whole MVC thing and want to use RadChart you should definitely check this out....
  • Productivity

    Visual Studio Tips & Tricks

    Being a professional developer requires that you invest some time in learning your tools. Working with .NET my tool of choice (not that there is a whole lot of choice) is Visual Studio.  It’s an excellent IDE that’s very customizable and can be extremely productive if you learn how to use it well. The best way to increase your productivity is to learn some keyboard shortcuts. Yes, the toolbars are all nice and pretty, but you can do pretty much absolutely everything with the keyboard. I even know some people who don't use any toolbars at all! In my opinion that's...
  • Release

    Announcing RadChart for WPF

    One particularly astute reader of my previous blog post noted that we must be up to something big doing 3D controls research. Well, I am now at liberty to say that he was completely right! What he didn’t know, however, was where exactly all this research was headed. It is with a great pleasure I announce today that we have been working for some time now on a new charting component for our WPF suite. It will officially by known as RadChart for WPF. This will be a feature rich chart offering with full-fledged 2D and 3D support. As all...