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Today is an exciting day for me. Scratch that. Today is an exciting day for a whole lot of people here in Telerik. For the past several months we have been tirelessly crafting the future of telerik's Charting product line. Today, my friends, is an exciting day indeed because it all goes public. The Futures release of our WPF effort has just been published here with online examples available here.

Together with the Chart and Gauges controls we are also featuring a technical preview of our scheduler component of WPF. Here is a summary for all the controls included with this release:

pie RadChart for WPF - Completely look-less WPF charting solution supporting all the major series types in both 2D and 3D. RadChart also features rich databinding to IEnumerable or DataTable with notification support for ObservableCollection (INotifyCollectionChanged) and IBindingLists. Other features include: Automatic scaling for axes, gridlines, series animations, a built-in camera tool etc.


gauge Gauges for WPF - The gauges pack includes a Radial and a linear gauge plus many indicators that can be attached to both. Additionally all gauges have a rich customization API which makes them a versatile component that can be used in many scenarios. Some of the built-in indicators included are needle, bar, marker, state and frequency. All gauges are smoothly animated.


sched RadScheduler for WPF - Complex and powerful control for visualizing scheduling data. RadScheduler is completely look-less control that gives you the full power of WPF to visualize your data. Serving data to the scheduler can be done via a provider, which gives you flexibility. For even more custom scenarios we have provided an IAppointment interface that you can implement in your objects and immediately bind it to the Scheduler, which will display your custom appointment’s template for it.

The bits are already uploaded and available for download. Product pages and banners will be available in a little bit. As with every release we are anxious to hear what you think about our products.

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Vladimir Milev

Vladimir Milev is a developer manager.


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