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    Roadmap for Telerik Reporting Q3 2010 has been posted

    In case you've missed it, the Q3 2010 Telerik Reporting Roadmap has been posted on our site. Although seemingly short, our plans are quite exciting, because we are to extend the report interactivity we introduced in Q2 2010 with Drill-down (expand/collapse) and Sorting for our crosstab, table, and list report items. In addition, we have started working on a XML Report Serialization Engine which will allow report definitions to be represented in XML and saved as a stand-alone XML file. Finally, an important note: in Q3 2010 the Silverlight Report Viewer will be build against Silverlight 4 only. The reason is simple: the Silverlight Report Viewer utilizes our RadControls for Silverlight controls and themes, which...
    August 26, 2010
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    New Getting Started Videos for Telerik OpenAccess ORM

    With our latest release of OpenAccess ORM we launched two video series aimed at helping you get started with the product and the new Visual Designer. We also published a bunch of new videos demonstrating the new features introduced with Q2 2010. The videos will help you quickly start building your first OpenAccess ORM project without the need to read through any documentation: Getting started with the Visual Designer for OpenAccess ORM This video series will show you how to create working projects in minutes using the powerful features of the Visual Designer for OpenAccess ORM. After completing the series you will be...
    August 04, 2010
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    Q2’10 Pre-Release Series: Telerik Reporting Introduces Report Interactivity

    The Q2 2010 release will take report interactivity in Telerik Reporting to a whole new level. The new version of the tool will allow end-users to drill through reports and subreports, to jump to other sections in a report, and to go to external web URLs. We have managed to achieve this functionality through the use of smart hyperlinks. With its new version Telerik Reporting will also introduce two new Data Source components aimed at improving the tool’s integration with Telerik OpenAccess ORM and ADO.NET Entity Framework. The new Data Source Components will allow users to codelessly connect the data report items...
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    Q2’10 Pre-Release Series: Greater Productivity with OpenAccess ORM and Round-trip Mapping

    With Q2 2010 Telerik OpenAccess ORM will raise the standard for data access productivity with the introduction of Round-trip Mapping for the Visual Designer for OpenAccess ORM. This feature will free developers from the constraints of having to choose between “forward” and “reverse” mapping approaches when creating a project and not being able to change this afterwards. Currently there is no strong integration between the two approaches in OpenAccess ORM. With Round-trip Mapping developers will be able to seamlessly employ either approach by reverse-mapping an existing schema then updating it by simply modifying the model classes or adding new ones. Simply...
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    Q2’10 Pre-Release Series: WinForms Suite Brings a Highly-optimized New Version of RadGridView

    The Q2 2010 release cannot do without several fresh additions and improvements in the WinForms toolbox. You can take a look at what the new version of the most widely used control in the toolset – RadGridView, has to offer. We’ve recognized the need to meet the endless demand for a supercharged, enterprise-oriented component that is able to work with large data sets and being flexible enough to perform operations like sorting, grouping, hierarchy and more, without sacrificing performance. Having that as a premise we have reworked our data grid so the end-users would enjoy a more robust and highly-optimized...