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    Free Whitepaper: Understanding the What, Why and How of Reporting Solutions

    Often we see requests from our Telerik Reporting clients to produce PDF or HTML representations of tabular data in order to be able to print the data on paper and/or to create a document. Although this is a common scenario, the proper tool or product has to be used in order to get the best possible results. Telerik Reporting supports these document formats, but often it is mistaken for a format conversion tool (say HTML to PDF), rather than a report generation tool, only because it supports these two formats. We also see a common misconception that Telerik Reporting is...
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    Telerik OpenAccess headed towards a year full of new features and enhancements

    With Q1 2009 Telerik will introduce the first set of major improvements to OpenAccess ORM that are part of the aggressive 2009 roadmap. The first major enhancement in this release is the improved LINQ support, which has been validated with the Microsoft 101 LINQ Samples. This will give you more control and make data access even easier. Another highlight is the implementation of stored procedures for read and write operations. This will allow developers to reuse existing SQL code. Under higher security requirements the stored procedures can be used for all insert, update and delete operations to inject additional checks in the...
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    Telerik Reporting Gets Closer to Becoming a True Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

    Q1 2009 will be a milestone release for Telerik’s .NET Reporting tool as it introduces a new instrument for data analysis - cross tabs. Cross tabs display data in a matrix format, and are used to present and analyze the relationship between two or more variables. Cross tabulation is a great BI tool, because it provides decision makers with a data format which is easy to understand, and more importantly - easy to analyze. The Telerik Reporting Cross Tab item will offer design-time support in Visual Studio, not seen in a reporting product in this price bracket. It will be intuitive and...
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    What’s coming in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2009?

    Q1 2009 release countdown continues at full speed! Now get ready for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX release bits, especially for those of you who haven’t tasted the Beta yet. So here are the most exciting aspects of the upcoming release. New Controls Our offering is growing even more with the addition of the File Explorer control and the HTTP Compression Module. A flexible web control for file management, RadFileExplorer completely mimics the Windows Explorer functionality and is entirely built with Telerik RadControls. You can easily add it to your page, and organize your files and folders: create, rename, delete, drag and drop, all the familiar...
    February 27, 2009
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    Telerik Reporting 101 Webinar Rescheduled for Tuesday, 2/3

    Once again, apologies to the 700+  people who've registered for the Telerik Reporting 101 webinar scheduled for last Thursday, January 29. Our presenter, Kevin Babcock, became suddenly ill and we had to cancel the webcast shortly before its scheduled start time. The good news is that Kevin feels much better and has rescheduled the webinar for Tuesday, February 3; 11:00am-12:00pm EST (4:00pm-5:00 GMT). Please note, you need to register again even if you had already signed up for the cancelled webinar! In case you can't make it tomorrow, there will be a recorded version available shortly after the webinar, and of course Kevin will...
    February 02, 2009