Q1 2009 will be a milestone release for Telerik’s .NET Reporting tool as it introduces a new instrument for data analysis - cross tabs. Cross tabs display data in a matrix format, and are used to present and analyze the relationship between two or more variables. Cross tabulation is a great BI tool, because it provides decision makers with a data format which is easy to understand, and more importantly - easy to analyze. The Telerik Reporting Cross Tab item will offer design-time support in Visual Studio, not seen in a reporting product in this price bracket. It will be intuitive and easy to use, and developers will appreciate the extra level of detail it provides.


In addition to cross tabs, Telerik Reporting Q1 2009 will introduce a new HTML Text Box Item that will let developers and IT specialists insert HTML-formatted content to produce customizable and great-looking reports. With the new item you will be able to render formatted text to PDF, Image, and HTML, in both Windows forms and web applications. The item will also support embedded expressions for mail merge functionality.


Embedded expressions give you the freedom to get and insert data-driven information directly into the text box report item to produce customized reports and mail merging. The TextBox and HTMLTextBox items will support data-driven fields in-line, which are editable either in-place or through the expression editor, available directly in Visual Studio.


As of Q1, you will also be able to combine a number of reports into a single report instance, thanks to the new Telerik Reporting Report Book. This feature will be very helpful when you need to print or review related reports at once.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes in Telerik Reporting.

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