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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM - Best of TechEd 2011 Finalist

    Telerik OpenAccess ORM has been selected as a Best of TechEd North America 2011 finalist in the Database Development category -- congratulations to the OpenAccess team! Their hard work is paying off, especially after the well-accepted usability revamp of the Visual Designer. There is one final vital step before the winners are selected from the finalists' pool, and it is an interview which will be conducted by the editorial judging panel during TechEd. We hope to grab this one -- it is highly deserved. If you plan to visit TechEd North America in Atlanta in May, stop by the Telerik booth and ask for an...
    April 29, 2011
  • .NET

    Exporting Telerik Reports to PowerPoint Presentation (Q1 2011)

    One of the greatest new features in Telerik Reporting Q1 2011 is the PowerPoint Presentation Rendering Extension, which produces a PowerPoint Presentation file from any Telerik report. The new rendering extension is part of the newly introduced support for the Office Open XML standard which meets “the new workplace challenges that include easily moving data between disparate applications, and allowing users to glean business insight from that data." (Source: MSDN). Supporting the Office Open XML standard also means that Telerik Reporting can export its reports not only to Microsoft Office PowerPoint, but to Word, and Excel 2007/2010. The native Office Open XML support means that any document suite,...
    March 25, 2011
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    Run Your Telerik Reports in the Cloud and Export Them to Word, PowerPoint & Excel 2007+

    As with every release, the Q1 2011 focus for Telerik Reporting has been on both -- the end-user and the developer. Analyze, Update, Present & Share Data Supporting the Office Open XML standard, developed by Microsoft for representing spreadsheets, presentations and word processing documents, was a natural evolution for Telerik Reporting. This notable end-user feature means that starting from Q1 2011 Telerik Reporting will be able to export its reports to 2007/2010 Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents. Native support for the Office Open XML standard means a couple of important things: Firstly, we are not simply exporting an image of the report,...
    March 12, 2011
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    Q1’11 Pre-Release Series: Coded UI Testing, RadWizard, and fast TreeView coming to Telerik Windows Forms

    Q1'11will definitely be huge for RadControls for WinForms! The Telerik WinForms controls will be the first suite to be compliant with the latest user interface accessibility and UI automation standards, namely Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) and Coded UI tests. MSAA is designed not only to help visually impaired people, but it is also a great automation tool, which Microsoft included in Visual Studio 2010. The automation allows developers to access and manipulate all UI elements in applications that support it (if you need ASP.NET, Silverlight and [soon] WPF test automation, check out Telerik WebUI Test Studio). We have also extended our localization...
    March 10, 2011
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    Q1’11 Pre-Release Series: OpenAccess ORM Brings Design-time improvements, Updated Fluent Mapping API, and more

    Q1 2011 will be a major milestone release for Telerik Open Access ORM, your .NET data programming and SQL expert. The new release will bring serious design-time improvements which will help you to work with data in an easier and more intuitive manner. A new fully featured project upgrade tool will allow you to upgrade even more classic projects to the new OpenAccess context API. The code-only developers will embrace the updated Fluent Mapping API, which exposes over 90% of OpenAccess' functionality. Finally, a project converter from Entity Framework will allow you to switch to Telerik OpenAccess in a few...
    March 02, 2011