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    Telerik Reporting to drop .NET2.x, .NET3.0, VS2005 and VS2008 support in Q2 2013

    Yes, it is about time, and you, our users, have confirmed it in the several polls we ran on the topic. As of Q2 2013 (expected in June 2013), Telerik Reporting will stop supporting .NET2.x, .NET3.0x as well as VS2005 and VS2008. This way the small percentage of our users still using .NET2 and .NET3.0 have several months to migrate their projects to newer .NET versions (.NET 3.5 SP1, .NET4.x). Alternatively, these projects can continue to run against .NET2 or .NET3.0, but they will not be able to use newer versions of Telerik Reporting. Why the change?
    January 21, 2013
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    Thirteen. This Week's Lucky Number.

    Thirteen. The number of awards Telerik collected in the 2012 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards. The Visual Studio community has always been of great importance to us and the resounding response to our work is nothing short of fantastic. It is rewarding and exhilarating to know that you believe in Telerik and its products. We would like to thank all of you who voted for us! Fact: the number of awards Telerik won this week alone is higher than all awards Telerik won in 2004. The number of awards may seem a bit high, but it shouldn't come to a surprise....
    November 08, 2012
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    Working with Report Templates in the Report Designer

    The Report templates in Telerik Reporting hold the initial report layout and styling, and allow for creating reports with consistent look and feel. They save time by skipping the repetitive tasks associated with building a new report every time, so that users can focus on the specific requirements of the new report. These tasks may include setting page sizes, connecting to data sources, defining headers and footers (such as adding a logo and page numbers), as well as styling. In Q3 2012 you can create, load, and reuse such report templates in the standalone Report Designer. Creating a Report Template is...
    October 17, 2012
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    What’s new in Q3 2012 release of the Telerik Report Designer

    In Q3 2012 release of Telerik Reporting we are once again introducing multiple improvements and new features in the stand alone Report Designer, which will allow users to be totally independent of Visual Studio when creating and editing reports. Importing existing reports to the standalone Report Designer One of the most important additions in Telerik Reporting Q3 2012 for our longtime customers is the possibility to import reports created in Visual Studio into the Report Designer, which can then be passed to the end-user for self-editing. A new wizard will import your Telerik reports (and all its existing functionality) from assemblies with...
    October 16, 2012
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    Time to Cast Your Vote! Tell DevPro Connections and Windows IT Pro why Telerik is Your Choice

    It’s that time of year when DevPro Connections and Windows IT Pro opens up the polls to the community at large to share support for your favorite products and services.  Of course, we know that Telerik has a very loyal community – whether it is because our technology solved a particularly difficult challenge or our support team was always at the ready or maybe you just like our ninja style!  It could also be that you’re looking forward to our capabilities around Windows 8 (details to follow). Whatever the reason, we’re asking you – our loyal community – to once again give...
    September 04, 2012