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    Add Reporting in Your VS11 Beta Projects

    In case you have missed the news, Telerik Reporting is one of the many Telerik products that support the beta version of Visual Studio 11. To use it in VS11 you will just need to download the Q1 2012 Refresh build from your Telerik account (or use the trial link at the bottom) and install it: The installer will register the Telerik assemblies in VS11, and will populate the toolbox with the Telerik Reporting items. Every feature (Report Designer surface, item creation and data binding, report exporting, etc.) has been tested so you can start using Telerik Reporting right away to produce quality reports with...
    March 12, 2012
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    Meet Telerik at Microsoft TechEd India Live

    Telerik Corp. is a long standing partner of Microsoft. Telerik is pleased to be participating in TechEd India and bring to you the latest award winning technology offerings. If you have interest in latest news on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Cloud you wouldn’t want to miss Microsoft TechEd India 2012. TechEd Live is an online experience for attendees who would like to know about the latest technology from the comfort of their home/office. Best of all it is FREE to attend! By attending TechEd Live and participating in the contest below you can win yourself some amazing prizes - an XBOX, a...
    March 08, 2012
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    Telerik & Visual Studio 11 Beta: State of Affairs

    For those of you who are already playing with the Beta version of Visual Studio 11, we have some exciting updates, as well as a bit of a roadmap to share. We have been (and will continue) working very closely with Microsoft to make sure all of our products support the beta.  I am happy to report that most of our products are compatible with the beta and can be downloaded today:  UI Components: RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX RadControls for ASP.NET MVC RadControls for WinForms  Data: Telerik Reporting Telerik OpenAccess ORM - in Fluent scenarios only, get the NuGet package here.  Visual Studio Productivity Plug-ins: Telerik JustTrace Telerik...
    March 02, 2012
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    First Impressions: Visual Studio 11 Beta and the Telerik Report Designer

    In a few days, VS11 Beta will be revealed. This release is big for Microsoft, not only from a technological standpoint, but also from the experience it will give developers. The new UI is so substantial, that there is a dedicated post on it in the Visual Studio Blogs: (source) When Microsoft revealed the first ribbon interface back in 2007, there were some speculations that this interface may make it into Visual Studio 2010. Obviously, this did not happen for an logical reason - the ribbon interface is slick, visual, easy to use, but requires more screen estate, and in some cases...
    February 27, 2012
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    Telerik Report Designer

    With Q1 2012 release the highly anticipated Telerik Report Designer has arrived - a desktop application for creating reports, utilizing the power of Telerik Reporting. The Telerik Report Designer features a simple ribbon interface and all the necessities for intuitive report creation like report items, wizards, explorers, all of them situated in a comfortable multi-document interface. This allows power users to create and edit ad-hoc reports on the fly.  Creating a report is simple and the output is saved as XML report definition (.trdx or Telerik Report Definition XML) in a proprietary XML format, which can be shared with other users. Your...
    February 20, 2012