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Q1'11will definitely be huge for RadControls for WinForms!

The Telerik WinForms controls will be the first suite to be compliant with the latest user interface accessibility and UI automation standards, namely Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) and Coded UI tests. MSAA is designed not only to help visually impaired people, but it is also a great automation tool, which Microsoft included in Visual Studio 2010. The automation allows developers to access and manipulate all UI elements in applications that support it (if you need ASP.NET, Silverlight and [soon] WPF test automation, check out Telerik WebUI Test Studio).

We have also extended our localization support and support for right-to-left languages to all of our controls, on par with Telerik’s vision for making its products accessible and available to a wide range of people.

Q1 will also introduce a brand new control - RadWizard. The wizard control will help you to break a complex process into separate steps and provide your users with the opportunity to guide the process and make decisions – just like the well-known installation wizards. RadWizard will support both Wizard97 and Wizard Aero specifications and will provide developers with predesigned Welcome, Completion and Internal pages.

RadWizard for WinForms

We will also give you a brand new version of our TreeView control, which will be more flexible, intuitive, and easier to work with. It will offer the same features as the old version, such as theme support, checkbox and radio button support, and drag and drop, but extended with a rich assortment of performance optimizations, such as decreased memory footprint, virtualization, and faster loading.

RadScheduler for WinForms gets two major improvements which will surely be appreciated by end-users and developer alike, because they will improve the usability of the control and will make you, the developer, look better! The ability to save and share various view settings across different views in RadScheduler will decrease coding time (there will be no need to write additional code to achieve this behavior) and users will be happy by the settings’ persistence (selections, dates, etc.). The inline editors will make the process of creating a new appointment possible without opening the Edit Appointment Dialog. The feature works exactly like in Microsoft Outlook - the user selects a cell or a sequence of cells and starts typing. Upon pressing Enter or clicking outside the appointment the appointment is created automatically.

Finally, RadGridView will support mixed hierarchy mode, which is a mix of self-reference hierarchy and the classic hierarchy mode.


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