With Q1 2009 Telerik will introduce the first set of major improvements to OpenAccess ORM that are part of the aggressive 2009 roadmap.

The first major enhancement in this release is the improved LINQ support, which has been validated with the Microsoft 101 LINQ Samples. This will give you more control and make data access even easier.

Another highlight is the implementation of stored procedures for read and write operations. This will allow developers to reuse existing SQL code. Under higher security requirements the stored procedures can be used for all insert, update and delete operations to inject additional checks in the database server.

From Q1 2009 Telerik OpenAccess will support seamless integration with Telerik Reporting. You will just have to bind the OpenAccess data through an object data source and the Data Explorer in the Reporting designer, Telerik OpenAccess will take care of the rest.

Stay tuned for more updates on Telerik OpenAccess.

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Vassil Petev

is a Product Manager at Telerik. Loves gadgets, sailing, skiing and DJing.



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