With our latest release of OpenAccess ORM we launched two video series aimed at helping you get started with the product and the new Visual Designer. We also published a bunch of new videos demonstrating the new features introduced with Q2 2010. The videos will help you quickly start building your first OpenAccess ORM project without the need to read through any documentation:

Getting started with the Visual Designer for OpenAccess ORM

This video series will show you how to create working projects in minutes using the powerful features of the Visual Designer for OpenAccess ORM. After completing the series you will be able to easily perform operations like adding entities and associations, adjusting your model’s naming settings, updating you domain model from a database and more.

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OpenAccess Made Easy

This series will take you from OpenAccess beginner, to OpenAccess professional in just a few short videos. The series is a perfect supplement to the “OpenAccess Made Easy” guide as it closely follows the chapters in the tutorial.

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Make sure you regularly check both series for new episodes.

Getting Started with:

OpenAccess Fetch Strategies

OpenAccess Fluent Mapping API

Telerik Data Services Wizard

We hope you find the videos helpful and as always we would love to hear your feedback.

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Vassil Petev

is a Product Manager at Telerik. Loves gadgets, sailing, skiing and DJing.



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