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In case you've missed it, the Q3 2010 Telerik Reporting Roadmap has been posted on our site.

Although seemingly short, our plans are quite exciting, because we are to extend the report interactivity we introduced in Q2 2010 with Drill-down (expand/collapse) and Sorting for our crosstab, table, and list report items. In addition, we have started working on a XML Report Serialization Engine which will allow report definitions to be represented in XML and saved as a stand-alone XML file.

Finally, an important note: in Q3 2010 the Silverlight Report Viewer will be build against Silverlight 4 only. The reason is simple: the Silverlight Report Viewer utilizes our RadControls for Silverlight controls and themes, which in Q3 2010 will provide SL4 support only. This is an important change because you will need to use Visual Studio 2010 only in order to use the new Silverlight Report Viewer.

This begs the question whether the SL report viewer will take advantage of SL4's built-in printing capabilities. The answer is, yes, we have the good intention to implement native Silverlight printing when we migrate to SL4 and we would do so if the time permits.

Your comments on the Q3 2010 plans and on features you would like to see in the future are most welcome.

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