With Q2 2010 Telerik OpenAccess ORM will raise the standard for data access productivity with the introduction of Round-trip Mapping for the Visual Designer for OpenAccess ORM. This feature will free developers from the constraints of having to choose between “forward” and “reverse” mapping approaches when creating a project and not being able to change this afterwards. Currently there is no strong integration between the two approaches in OpenAccess ORM. With Round-trip Mapping developers will be able to seamlessly employ either approach by reverse-mapping an existing schema then updating it by simply modifying the model classes or adding new ones. Simply put, with Q2 all model tasks can be completed in a single place – our Visual Designer for OpenAccess.

Another great new feature coming with Q2 2010 is the Fluent API (Beta). This functionality is targeted at ‘code-only’ users, as it will allow them to fully configure the model mapping using only code.

Q2 2010 will also mark the official launch of the Telerik Data Services Wizard as an integrated part of the Telerik OpenAccess ORM menu and installer. This productivity add-in for OpenAccess makes it really easy to generate and setup services based on technology stacks like: WCF Data Services (previously known as Astoria)Version 1 (.NET 3.5 SP1) and 2 (.NET 4.0), Plain WCF Services, REST Collection WCF Services, and ATOM Publishing Protocol WCF Services.

As for database support we are keeping our promise to add a new database with every release, thus expanding our back-end support. This time in the spot light you’ll see the SQLite database.

For those of you who have projects that use reverse mapping and are created with previous versions of OpenAccess ORM that do not have the Visual Designer we will provide a handy Project Upgrade Tool (Beta). It will dramatically decrease the cost of upgrading older projects to the latest technologies we provide (The Visual Designer).

And last but not least, we will simplify the OpenAccess ORM menu. Starting from Q2 we will expose only the new set of features that are based on the domain model designer we introduced with Q1 2010. All the classic UI and functionality of OpenAccess, though, will be available for unlocking through the options menu entry.

For all current and new users we have organized a special free webinar event that will introduce them to all the cool new features and enhancement coming to OpenAccess ORM with Q2 2010. During the live event attendees will have the chance of winning a Telerik Ultimate Collection (valued at $1999) so make sure you book you seat now.

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