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    Rad Controls for Windows Phone 7 CTP2 is released!

    I'm very happy to announce that today we released the second CTP of RadControls for WindowsPhone 7. You can download the new installer and the new binaries now. In the last month we were working on polishing the existing controls, examples and help, but we also added new features and controls to the suite. Now we have 16 controls for Windows Phone 7 ready for use! Not only this, but you can now optimize the size of your windows phone 7 application by using the hot new version of the Telerik XAP minifier. Did I mentioned that our Demo application is now...
    November 24, 2010
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    RadTreeView's TriState Mode in Deep

    Many of you have probably used Telerik's TreeView or going to do so in the future. One of its many features is the TriStateMode. In this blog post I'm going to explain how TriStateMode mode is designed to work and propagate the values up and down the tree. When in TriStateMode (IsTriStateMode=”True”) checking/unchecking an item makes the TreeView propagate the value. The value propagation actually checks/unchecks all items’ children and updates the chain of parents with appropriate value (checked, unchecked or undetermined). CheckState vs. IsChecked The TreeView exposes two properties used to manipulate items' check state - CheckState (of type ToggleState) and IsChecked...
    November 19, 2010
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    Want to see the (bright) Future of Silverlight?

    The latest release of Silverlight - ver.4 was released earlier this year. For me this was the first Silverlight release that was stable and mature enough so that I could recommend to anyone building business applications to use it broadly. Now, six months later, we can see that the Silverlight adoption is very high and that there are a lot of great tools built with it. Regardless of all the recent comments and mostly speculations about the future of Silverlight I believe that this will be the primary MS platform for building applications for Windows and Mac in years to come. At MIX this year, the Silverlight platform was also introduced to...
    November 16, 2010
  • Release

    Two new features in Telerik TileView

    With the Q3 2010 release, RadTileView supports two new major features: Changing item's visibility Using the Visibility property of the TileViewItems you can now choose which items you see at any given moment. Dynamically setting item's position By setting the Position property of the TileViewItems you’ll now be able to customize the positions of your Restored or Minimized items. There are some important notes considering the position of an item: If there is a Maximized item it will always be on position zero and if you set another item to position zero it will automatically maximize. The position change swaps the items i.e. if you set item...
    November 08, 2010
  • Mobile

    Page Transitions for Windows Phone 7 Application

    Bring Motion to your Windows Phone 7 Application using the Telerik animation engine and page transition framework. I will not reveal a big secret if I say that the whole Metro UI guidelines are based on content and motion. But how can you bring motion to your applications? This is the question we asked ourselves back in the days when we started to work on our Rad Controls for Windows Phone 7. We are now happy that we released the first CTP version of the controls with support for Metro like animations and transitions. We built our own Animation and Transition engine from the ground up...
    November 04, 2010