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    RadJumpList for WP7: Part II - Dynamic Sort, Filter and Group

    Download the sample code of the example. In my previous post I explained the basic usage of the RadJumpList control and how to display the data by using declarative sort and group descriptors. Now in part two you will see how to give your users the ability to modify the sorting, grouping and filtering on the fly. There is no out of the box UI for these data operations provided in this version of the control. We are still not sure what will be the preferred way of implementing this from a UX perspective and how to align it with the Metro guidelines. So for the moment we...
    February 11, 2011
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    RadJumpList for WP7: Part I - Introduction and Simple usage

    Download the source code of the example Last week we released our first beta of the Telerik Windows Phone 7 control toolkit. One of the new controls there is RadJumpList. It is a fundamental control for building data driven WP7 applications. We invested a lot into our data engine story - we have our own internal CollectionViewSource implementation which allows you to sort, filter and group your data with a single line of code (more on the data engine in this in-depth blog post). Apart from the data engine we also built a high performance ListBox control. RadDataBoundListBox is a virtualized ListBox control which has two major features: can display...
    February 09, 2011
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    Online demo for Windows Phone 7 Gauges

    Last week we officially published our first Beta release of the Rad Controls for Windows Phone 7. One of the major new components in this Beta release is our first data visualization entry - RadGauge. You can read more info about RadGauge in the announcement blog post. What we did right after the beta release is to make sure that RadGauge can be seen online - hosted in-browser. As you know the WP7 platform is based on the Silverlight 3 framework and this means that with very little changes we can show our WP7 controls hosted inside the browser. This is what we did -...
    February 07, 2011
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    First Look at Silverlight 5

    At a special Firestarter event (part of which was and Telerik with the new Silverlight client for Facebook called "f!acedeck"), Microsoft unveiled what the next version of Silverlight will include. All I can say is that it will be a huge release - both in terms of easing the developer lives and for enabling even more rich user experiences (in-the-browser and especially out-of-browser). We can divide the new features that are coming in the runtime in two categories - 1) new media features and 2) features that are focused towards business application development. New Media features Hardware Decode and presentation of H.264 improve performance for lower-power devices to render...
    December 02, 2010
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    Telerik Windows Phone 7 QuickStart Application is Now Live on Marketplace. Source code available.

    In my last announcement about the availability of the second drop of the Telerik Tools and controls for Windows Phone 7 I promised you that we will publish our quickstart application on the zune marketplace. I'm now glad to tell you that the application submission process ran without any problems and you can install the quickstart application directly on your windows phone 7 device. You can see a details about the application here. You can also download the application source code and run the application on the VS2010 Emulator. We spend a lot of time designing the application just to make sure that it complies very well with the Metro design...
    December 02, 2010