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    Brand new Mango release of Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone

    As you probably know, the next version of Windows Phone OS codenamed Mango was released to developers last month. The new Windows Phone Mango Marketplace is also about to open very soon (expected next week!). Among the many new amazing APIs that come with this build are some UI changes and enhancements. To reflect these UI changes and to enable you to develop for Mango, we are releasing a new separate build of RadControls for Windows Phone targeting Mango devices. In this build we are adding 2 entirely new controls and enhancing the existing controls to leverage the new features and UI changes coming in the new WPDev platform: Telerik ListBox is now...
    August 18, 2011
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    Solved -> Panorama control for WP7 not sliding initially

    [Download the solution project] There is a very weird issue in the current implementation of the Windows Phone 7 Panorama control. If you create an application that has the panorama control on its home page (and this is usually the case) you will notice that the initial sliding effect that exists in the Panorama control will not be played on the device. In the emulator everything seems to be running just fine. The other strange thing is that if you tombstone the application and the active it again the sliding effect of the panorama will be played.   We had this problem in Telerik ToDo application and after a...
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    Creating Loading Animation for Telerik WP7 Listbox

    [Download the application source code] We've got a lot of requests lately for adding animations in our own implementation of ListBox for WP7 - the RadDataBoundListbox. So we decided that we will add animations for the following scenarios:  - when the listbox is initially loaded,  - when the listbox is inside Pivot and the selected pivot item is changed,  - when items are added/removed from the ItemsSource and the new/old items are in the viewport of the control. This functionality will be available very soon out of the box. So in this blog post I'll show you how to create your own implementation of initial loading animation...
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    Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone Q2 BETA1 now available for download

    I'm happy to announce that the first Beta release of the upcoming official Q2.2011 release of Telerik Windows Phone toolkit is now available for download! This is a major milestone for us and it is including many major improvements over the current official release. We are proud to announce that our newest control - Telerik Chart for Windows Phone is the fastest chart available for Windows Phone. Check out our test bed and test results in this more detailed blog post. If you know of a fast chart for WP7 - compare it with ours and let us know the results :). With this first drop of the chart binaries we...
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    Building Windows Phone appointment viewer application

    {download the application complete source code from your Telerik account (register here for free if you are new to Telerik)} One of the great new features in the new Windows Phone OS, codenamed "Mango" is that developers have access to the device appointments. By using the new APIs we can now integrate the appointments in our applications. To make the developers' lives easier we created a new Calendar control that is an exact copy of the Metro calendar found in the OS. RadCalendar is "appointment-aware" in the sense that you can create a simple appointments data source and bind the calendar to it. This way, the appointments from the data source will be displayed in the month view like...