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    Windows Phone 7 performance - emulator vs physical device

    Part I - App loading time There are a lot of speculations about how different is the execution speed of a Silverlight application when it runs in the WindowsPhone7 emulator and when it runs on the device. Now that we have the RTM devices, we can measure the actual difference! I've prepared 3 very simple WP7 applications: App1 (download). Application that just loads an empty phone application page. App2 (download). Application that loads a phone application page that contains a Pivot control with 2 items, and App3 (download). Application that loads a phone application page that contains a Panorama control with 2 items. I'm measuring the Application initial load time - in this case this is the time between creation...
    November 01, 2010
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    How to: Databind Telerik’s ToolBar

    In this post we will go through a scenario for databinding the RadToolBar control. Here is the end result: And the demo project with everything included: How to databind the ToolBar? The ToolBar is an ItemsControl and can be databound to any IEnumerable, but it is preferable to bind it to an observable collection since any changes in it will be reflected by the ToolBar. Since there is no ToolBarItem, because ToolBar may contain variety of other controls, we will use DataTemplateSelector class to help us determine the template for each item inside the ToolBar: public class ToolBarTemplateSelector : DataTemplateSelector     {         public override DataTemplate SelectTemplate(object item, DependencyObject container)         {             if (item...
    September 28, 2010
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    Silverlight: OutlookBar, Prism and TransitionControl

    With this post, I'll show you a step by step approach on how to integrate RadOutlookBar with Prism. To spice thing a little bit, the transitions between the different Prism modules will be handled by RadTransitionControl. Start off by creating a new Silverlight solution. Name the Silverlight application Prism.Shell and the Web project - Prism.Web   Organize the Solution Explorer a little bit by adding 3 solution folders.   Right-click on the Modules solution folder and add 2 new Silverlight applications. These applications will be the modules of our Prism application. Name them Prism.Module1 and Prism.Module2. Also, make sure they output their xap files...
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    Silverlight Upload control just got better

    We are now in the middle between the Beta release of the Q2.2010 and the official one which will be available for download very soon. For the ones that missed the beta release - see the silverlight samples online. One of the major tasks for my team was to optimize the way the Rad Upload component for Silverlight is working. We separated our work in two main directions - improve the performance of the control and take advantage of the Silverlight4 features. The most requested feature from Silverlight 4 was to integrate the drag and drop support from the file system into the Rad Upload. Now...
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    Debugging Silverlight with Firefox 3.6.4

    Today Mozilla released FireFox 3.6.4, and in the new version plugins are isolated in their own process.  As such,  the VS debugger attaches to “firefox.exe” instead of the new process FireFox creates named “plugin-container.exe” when you start debugging a silverlight application.  There are 2 fairly easy fixes.   Fix 1 Manually attach the visual studio debugger to “plugin-container.exe”   Fix 2  This involves changing Firefox’s config, and really should only be done to ease silverlight debugging until a proper fix is released. Type "about:config" into FF's address bar Accept the warning (if applicable) Search for the entry "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npctrl.dll" Change its value from "true" to "false" (double-click)...