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Today Mozilla released FireFox 3.6.4, and in the new version plugins are isolated in their own process.  As such,  the VS debugger attaches to “firefox.exe” instead of the new process FireFox creates named “plugin-container.exe” when you start debugging a silverlight application.  There are 2 fairly easy fixes.


Fix 1

Manually attach the visual studio debugger to “plugin-container.exe”


Fix 2 

This involves changing Firefox’s config, and really should only be done to ease silverlight debugging until a proper fix is released.

  1. Type "about:config" into FF's address bar
  2. Accept the warning (if applicable)
  3. Search for the entry "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npctrl.dll"
  4. Change its value from "true" to "false" (double-click)
  5. Restart the browser

Thanks MisterGoodcat for this solution  More info

Hope this saves you some time/trouble.  It got me for a bit today :(


Happy Coding!

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