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    Important additions to the Silverlight MaskedTextBox

    RadMaskedTextBox is one of the major controls in the Telerik Silverlight suite. It enables you to filter the user input and makes the work with data much more easier for the end-user. That is why in the past quarter (Q1) we put a great effort and get all the scenarios and users reports that we had so far and made this control as stable as possible. Now post Q1 we added some small, but important new features to the control. Here they are: Option to get the changed value when the focus of the control is lost. Before this...
    April 16, 2010
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    Silverlight Html Placeholder now support OOB mode

    With the official Silverlight 4 release this week, one of the things we introduced in the Telerik Silverlight controls is the ability to use the Html Placeholder control in OOB in the same way you do when the control is hosted in the browser. The good news is that you don't need to do anything in order to enable this feature. It comes out of the box and if you have an app that is using the HtmlPlaceholder you just need to install it in OOB mode to see the same html that you are seeing when the application is hosted...
    April 16, 2010
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    Mix10 is in history, Windows Phone 7 is here!

    MIX10 was really a fantastic conference for Telerik! We had great talks, many customers stopped by our booth and we've got a lot of great feedback for our Silverlight Controls. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion! So now, that the MIX is over, there is one question left: What Telerik will develop for the Windows Phone 7? We had this question on the booth over and over again and it is no doubt that the WP7 development is a hot topic now. All we can say at this moment is that Yes, we are looking into this and we actually have some of...
    March 18, 2010
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    Telerik is First to Announce Support for Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

    Yesterday at MIX 10 conference Microsoft announced the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework Beta. The Silverlight Analytics Framework (SAF) is a new open-source framework to allow designers and developers to integrate web analytics into Silverlight applications in a consistent manner. Supporting out-of-browser and offline scenarios, Microsoft built this framework in conjunction with a number of web analytics services and control vendors to support multiple analytics services simultaneously without degrading application performance. Because the SAF is enabled as a set of behaviors in Microsoft Expression Blend, designers and developers can visually instrument their designs and configure A/B testing rapidly without...
    March 16, 2010
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    Win a pass to MIX10!

    Our friends from SilverlightShow are running a Silverlight Eco Contest and are giving 3 passes for MIX10 in Las Vegas. Here’s an excerpt from their site: "Considering the alarming consequences of climate changes, and the actions taken to promote and carry out environmental-saving activities worldwide, we would like to give our share and show the power that web applications have to convince, persuade, and spread the word!"   Telerik is sponsoring the contest - you can win a "Telerik Premium Collection for .NET". Unfortunately I will not be able to submit my own application  - I have the honor of being a judge in the contest - so I will have the pleasure...
    January 15, 2010