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    RadControls for Windows 8 - Q3 Service Pack update

    Before the end of the year we release an important update to RadControls for Windows 8. This Service Pack release brings tons of improvements as well as new important features that have been requested by our customers. Such features are Financial Charts (HTML) and Numeric Input in the Date/Time Pickers.
    December 05, 2012
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    RadControls for Windows 8 now official and starting at $99

    The Telerik’s brand new Windows 8 UI controls arrive officially with an early bird promo you can’t afford to miss. More than 15 native (built from the ground up) XAML and HTML controls for building Windows 8 consumer and enterprise applications for just $99 till the end of November.  RadControls for Windows 8 is the number one toolset for building native Windows Store applications for the enterprise and the consumer markets with either XAML or HTML. Using our expertise in XAML, HTML and mobile apps development we built RadControls for Windows 8 from the ground up specifically for the Windows 8 touch-centric environment. The...
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    Telerik Windows 8 XAML and HTML examples – now available on the Windows store

    Telerik examples for Windows 8 XAML and HTML are already on the store. The two apps are free of charge with source-code viewer to help you get started with your development. The examples will guide you through all the available components and features of the Telerik suite for Windows 8 development.    We get a lot of question as to whether you can submit apps to the store with the current version of the product and the answer is yes. With the latest Beta 2 release which we announced on the 15th of August you can submit your applications using RadControls...
    September 03, 2012
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    Start building apps for Windows 8 today with HTML or XAML- RadControls for Metro first public Beta release

    RadControls for Metro is the toolset for building Metro apps using either XAML or HTML for the marketplace and the enterprise. Both libraries offer the same user experience, functionality and behavior. Drawing from our expertise in XAML, HTML and Windows Phone technologies, RadControls for Metro are designed to offer functionality on top of the Windows 8 SDK with controls such as Charts, Gauges, DatePicker and more. We are proud to announce the first Beta version of our Metro Charts available for both XAML and HTML The controls are built with performance in mind so that they provide the ultimate experience on any device...
  • .NET

    Telerik XAML controls Q1 2012 are here

    The latest Q1 2012 versions of RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF are available for download under the users’ accounts:  RadControls for Silverlight Download RadControls for WPF Download You can check the release notes and the latest demos at: RadControls for Silverlight Demos | Release Notes RadControls for WPF Demos | Release Notes There are 5 brand new controls that we included in this release: Diagrams Beta GanttView CTP TimeLine ListBox...
    February 16, 2012