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    Telerik First to Support Microsoft Silverlight 4

      Telerik announced today that RadControls for Silverlight 4 CTP is the first UI component suite to natively support Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta and to provide support for the right mouse click feature introduced with the latest Microsoft Silverlight release. The Silverlight 4 Beta version delivers powerful capabilities to business application developers strengthening its position as the number one choice for building business applications on the Web.  RadControls ensure that developers can use RadControls for Silverlight 4 with the latest Silverlight 4 Beta version and start building their applications today. With the Silverlight 4 Beta release Microsoft announced support for conventional desktop interaction models through new features such as right-click context...
    December 14, 2009
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    Service Pack 1 released – RadControls for Silverlight/WPF Q3 2009

    The updated installation and hotfix files have been uploaded to the users’ accounts. The release version is 2009.3.1208. You can find the download files under your accounts at: For Licensed users: http://www.telerik.com/account/downloads.aspx For Trial Users: http://www.telerik.com/account/free-trials.aspx The online examples have been updated and can be reviewed at: Silverlight Demos WPF Demos The Source Code now addresses the latest changes and it can also be downloaded from the licensed users’ accounts: RadControls for Silverlight Source Code RadControls for WPF Source Code The sample applications’ source code (MyTweets, MyAlbums, Astoria Demo and Telerik Sales Dashboard) is also available for download and has been built against the latest version. For full release notes please visit...
    December 09, 2009
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    Telerik XAML Controls Q3 2009 Release

      It has been another quarter for the XAML teams here at Telerik. During this time we worked on producing new tools and significant new features demanded by our customers. The results of our efforts can be seen in the latest Q3 2009 release that was officially launched two days ago. In this release we included lots of new tools, including navigational controls, like RibbonBar(Silverlight WPF), OutlookBar(Silverlight WPF); rich UI(visual) components like TileView(Silverlight WPF), Book, Map; Commands support with our Button controls(Silverlight WPF). The RadGridView control now uses new UI virtualization mechanism that makes you scroll 5x faster than before. The new UI virtualization works both vertically and horizontally,...
    November 10, 2009
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    Telerik announces second Beta release of RadControls for Silverlight/WPF Q3 2009

    Our second Beta release is now available for download and it once again includes brand new controls as well as major new additions. RadGridView now features Vertical and Horizontal UI Virtualization with container recycling added for rows and cells. Thus, the performance and the responsiveness of the control has become 5x faster. The control also provides an extended Validation support by adding metadata driven validation (via data annotations attributes) and validation events that allow support for custom validation.     RadChart now provides full Negative Values support for all relevant two-dimensional series types. The controls also provides support for Multiple Y axes.     RadChart adds a highly requested support for secondary...
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    Q3 2009 Beta released for Telerik RadControls for Silverlight/WPF

    As Q3 2009 is approaching and there are plenty of new controls and major features coming, we wanted to share with you some of the cool new controls and features that will be officially be released with Q3 2009. This Beta release includes several brand new controls and major additions to the existing controls: Note: All controls (except RadCoverFlow) that are currently available only for the Telerik Silverlight suite will also be included in our WPF offering with the official Q3 2009 release   New Controls RadRibbonBar - available only for Telerik Silverlight suite Telerik Silverlight RibbonBar is an easy-to-use implementation of the Microsoft Office 2007...
    September 17, 2009