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    Telerik sponsors the first ever world open, Silverlight game development contest

    Mashooo.com announced the first ever, world open, Silverlight game development contest. It is an open "no holds barred" style competition, meaning that people from around the world are free to participate and there are no theme limitations. You can just bring your talent and zest for Silverlight game development and show the world what you can do. The contest will begin on March 18, 2009 and last for around 3 months. As a contributor to this contest Telerik provides several prizes including various licensed packages - Telerik Premium Collection, RadControls for Silverlight and WPF, and RadControls for Silverlight. For more details you can refer...
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    Telerik announces Q1 2009 SP1 release of RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight

    Q1 2009 SP1 (version 2009.1.413) The latest improvements and additions to both the suites are here and ready for download under the users' accounts. What's New in RadControls for WPF We added three new controls: RadColorPicker Telerik Color Picker control allows the users to choose a color from more than 20 pre-defined palettes. Additionally, custom palettes can also be defined by the users. RadTimePicker Telerik TimePicker control is an easy to use control allowing you to integrate time selection in your web applications. The control exposes an advanced parser that converts numeric values into valid time. Using the templates of the TimePicker control you can...
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    New Training Session on Silverlight Routed Events

      With the Windows Presentation Foundation a new type of events were introduced - the Routed Events. They have provided the developer with an entirely new approach to the eventing and the event handling. Basically, Routed Events traverse the logical tree upwards or downwards, depending on their Routing Strategy – Bubble and Tunnel respectively.  To get deeper with what the routed events are and how RadControls for Silverlight uses them we prepared this comprehensive training session. Before launching the video session you might check the Hristo Hristov's blog on Routed Events in Silverlight 2 and our dedicated page on support for routed events at: http://www.telerik.com/products/silverlight/resources/routed-events-framework.aspx.    ...
    February 05, 2009
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    Want to help us build better Silverlight controls?

    We started a survey to gain your mostly valuable feedback on your experience and expectations with the Silverlight platform and the controls we provide. Your involvement will be much appreciated and you will be awarded 1000 Telerik points for taking the survey. We want to direct our future Silverlight development into building the critical and most important blocks for your existing or future Silverlight applications. You can take the survey at: Silverlight Survey
    December 23, 2008
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    RadControls for Silverlight Futures

    RadDocking With the SP2 release of RadControls for Silverlight Q3 2008 we are introducing a community preview edition of the RadDocking control for Silverlight. You can find the build under your account at telerik.com. The download files containing the build are called Futures (RadControls_for_Silverlight_2008_3_1217_TRIAL/DEV_Futures.zip and RadControls_for_Silverlight_2008_3_1217_TRIAL/DEV_Futures.msi).     You can check the online demos at: RadDocking First Look RadGridView First Look The features that are currently supported by this CTP edition of the RadDocking tool are listed below: Dockable Layouts Percentage or Absolute Height of the containers MinWidth/Width/MaxWidth constraints MinHeight/Height/MaxHeight constraints Resizable Bars AutoHideAreas DocumentHost DockingPanel SplitContainers Nested split containers Horizontal/Vertical Orientation Initial Position PaneGroups AutoHide per group Close per group Title Panes Pinnable Closable     RadGridView Beta The previously released community...
    December 19, 2008