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    RadControls for Silverlight compatible against Microsoft Silverlight2 RTW and releasing more controls soon!

    We are just a few days away from releasing the full RadControls for Silverlight suite which with its advanced and unique capabilities will help you accelerate your Silverlight development.  As we follow closely the Microsoft release schedule, the suite was released and updated right after Microsoft Silverlight2 RTW release, when we showed you two new controls RadCoverFlow and RadContextMenu. Here are the novelties that you can expect with the upcoming release on November 5: RadGauge Great new integration examples showing our new Drag&Drop functionality, Page Navigation functionality, Databinding and Telerik advanced media components. New QSF design. New Theming mechanism allowing you to...
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    CTP before the official release of Telerik's charts, gauges and scheduler for WPF

    As the official Q3 release approaches, we decided to launch a preview of our controls that will officially become a part of the "RadControls for WPF" bundle. These are our RadGauge, RadChart and RadScheduler controls. We have been continuously working on these during the last several months to improve and further advance the controls to let you build complete Line-Of-Business applications with our full range of controls for WPF. With the wide variety of LOB controls and the consistent skins these controls provide, we aim at easing the process of building a complete and flexible UI of desktop applications. You can check...
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    RadControls for Silverlight 2 RC0

    The latest RadControls for Silverlight 2 have been uploaded to the Telerik site. The files can be downloaded form the Client.Net accounts. This version is entirely compatible against MS Silverlight 2 RC0 that was launched a few days ago.   Still to come in the following days: Detailed release notes, all the breaking changes, what's new in the suite.
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    New Integration example using RadControls for Silverlight

    To demonstrate a real life business application that uses Telerik RadControls for Silverlight, we prepared another sample application showing a web portal about job offerings. We called it the JobBoard application. We managed to include there most of the currently available RadControls for Silverlight. These are: RadComboBox RadTreeView RadWindow RadUpload RadNumericUpDown RadDatePicker RadMediaPlayer The Home page features a "quick find" section at the top most part of the screen, a tree-view navigation on the left and a grid showing the results. The RadTreeView on the left loads its child nodes on demand for a better performance and faster initial loading. Clicking upon a grid-row pops a RadWindow containing...
    September 21, 2008
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    RadGauge for Silverlight - coming up with Q3

    There are lots of exciting things coming up with the official release of “RadControls for Silverlight”. One of them is the newly included RadGauge control in the suite. As it has already become a tradition – RadGauge for Silverlight will share the same code base as its WPF analogue. This will allow the users to use the same API with both the controls. With Telerik RadGauge for Silverlight you will be able to display and monitor live data using the rich set of  features the control provides. Furthermore, you will be able to completely customize the look of the control...
    September 16, 2008