Our second Beta release is now available for download and it once again includes brand new controls as well as major new additions.

RadGridView now features Vertical and Horizontal UI Virtualization with container recycling added for rows and cells. Thus, the performance and the responsiveness of the control has become 5x faster. The control also provides an extended Validation support by adding metadata driven validation (via data annotations attributes) and validation events that allow support for custom validation.



RadChart now provides full Negative Values support for all relevant two-dimensional series types. The controls also provides support for
Multiple Y axes.



RadChart adds a highly requested support for secondary and multiple Y axes. The new feature is useful when the values of the displayed data series vary a lot from one another or different types of data should be presented in one chart. The scale of each added Y axis corresponds to the associated data series and auto adjusts its range.

RadTreeView now features its own UI Virtualization that was reused from our RadGridView control. Now you can scroll even faster through large amount of nodes.

RadScheduler supports additional  built-in resources - Category, Importance and TimeMarker


RadControls for WPF now offer a fully-featured RadRibbonBar control that completely corresponds to its Silverlight counterpart.


We also included our own Button controls. They include - RadButton, RadToggleButton, RadRadioButton, RadDropDownButton, RadSplitButton,
RadRibbonButton, RadRibbonToggleButton, RadRibbonRadioButton, RadRibbonDropDownButton and RadRibbonSplitButton.



There are lots of other improvements and new additions coming with this Beta 2 release. You can find full release notes at:

RadControls for Silverlight Q3 2009 Beta 2 Release Notes

RadControls for WPF Q3 2009 Beta 2 Release Notes

Online demos can be seen at:

RadControls for Silverlight Demo Page

RadControls for WPF Demo Page

To download the Beta installation files please follow the link below:


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