It has been another quarter for the XAML teams here at Telerik. During this time we worked on producing new tools and significant new features demanded by our customers.

The results of our efforts can be seen in the latest Q3 2009 release that was officially launched two days ago.

In this release we included lots of new tools, including navigational controls, like RibbonBar(Silverlight WPF), OutlookBar(Silverlight WPF); rich UI(visual) components like TileView(Silverlight WPF), Book, Map; Commands support with our Button controls(Silverlight WPF).

The RadGridView control now uses new UI virtualization mechanism that makes you scroll 5x faster than before. The new UI virtualization works both vertically and horizontally, even with enormous amount of data (cells).

Telerik RadChart control has been extended with two new major features that were in a great demand within the Telerik community. These are support for Negative Values and Multiple YAxis.

All the Silverlight and WPF controls have been wrapped up with a new theme - the new Windows 7 theme.

During the last quarter we received lots of feedback on our documentation, most of it were complaints about missing or obsolete content. Therefore, we started another major initiative in the beginning of Q3.
We started to re-write the major parts of our docs. The result is that now the RadControls for Siverlight and RadControls for WPF documentation contains brand new and extended content for the GridView, Charts, Docking, TreeView and TabControl.
We are completely aware that there is much more to be done in this directions and we realize the importance of our documentation. Hence, this is going to be one of our major tasks during the next quarter.

Full Release Notes can be seen at:

RadControls for Silverlight Q3 2009 release Notes

RadControls for WPF Q3 2009 Release Notes

See Silverilght WPF Demos

See Silverlight WPF Documentation

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