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    The Q4 Release

    As I said in my previous blog post, the three ingredients needed for a good Vista-like applications are known... But this begs the question - what does telerik do about it? May be you'll find the answer in our latest Q4 2006 release. Specifically for the WinForms controls we've improved quite a lot the RibbonBar control (ScreenTips, KeyTips, Gallery, etc.), we've introduced scaling for all of the framework element / items, we've added a new control (r.a.d.panelbar) and the docking controls now support MDI.A picture is worth a thousand words so here are some screenshots of the examples which we have...
    December 22, 2006
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    Recipe for Vista. A step ahead

    The first CTP of WPF/E is official and it rocks! If I were Steve Ballmer I would shout: Designers, designers, designers, designers, designers.... Why designers? May be because as a developer (or at least that's how I consider my mindset) I miss too much WPF features in WPF/E at the moment, starting from the handy, nice layouts. I hope someone from the telerik UX team will try it and share his/her experience to the reading public. Btw, there're new Expression tools (announced as Expression Studio) so expect some blog posts from the people who make our site and products look so nice. Today's...
    December 13, 2006
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    WPF/Everywhere, somewhere?... Anywhere?

    The last time I've heard something about WPF/e was at the Mix conference this year in Las Vegas. Because of all the noise around WPF, and some really good community sites which started showing up and were mostly dedicated to WPF, I almost forgot about WPF/e. Several days ago I searched about WPF/e and found a blog post by Joe Stegman who says that an external CTP is expected to be released soon. I've been waiting for quite some time to put my hands on WPF/e and see exactly what are its limitations comparing it to its big brother - WPF. I...
    November 29, 2006
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    Evaluate r.a.d.controls for WinForms and go to Hawaii. Not bad?

    There's a telerik contest going on. The requirements are simple - you have to prepare a small app using our WinForms controls and fill in a survey. We've already started receiving participants' applications and I'm really amazed how quickly people get used to our controls, and especially how fast they've learned to use the Visual Style Builder application (the application which helps you create a theme and style each telerik Windows Forms UI control). We'll be offering three iPods as 3rd prizes, an Xbox 360 as the second prize, and the winner will get a fabulous 4 day trip to Hawaii! Why Hawaii? Well, there's...
    November 27, 2006
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    The WPF Conversion contest. Part II

    A month ago I blogged about the WPF conversion contest. The blog discussed creating a tool which converts files from some other formats (3DS, SWF, etc.) to XAML. Back then I said that my personal favorite - a tool which converts a flash file to XAML - is missing. Several days later Mike Swanson emailed me and told me that he himself is actually working on such a tool. A month later, this tool is a fact! I can't say anything else than "Great work, Mike". My personal favorite is not missing any more:) Zhivko from the telerik UX team gave me 3...
    November 23, 2006