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    Saving a few lines of code. Part I - Infinite loops.

    Inspired by Scott Hanselman's quest to read source code to be a better developer I decided to start a series of blog posts and write about anything which comes to my mind in the everyday encountering with THE code here at Telerik. As Scott is doing a great job with his quest I would rather focus on topics in which the distinction between right and wrong is not clear enough. I'm not talking about starting flame wars but rather talking about all the aspects and the different pros and cons of each approach. Today's topic will be about infinite loops and mostly about infinite...
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    WPF Grids – to be or not to be

    Recently both Paul Stovell and Joseph Cooney blogged about one very interesting topic - "Do people really need grid controls in WPF?". They're saying that people actually don't need grids in WPF and this is what makes their blog posts worth reading. Imagine if they had said the opposite: "People need grid controls for WPF!". It would have been quite boring and wouldn’t have spurred much of a discussion. For many people the idea of not having grids for WPF sounds unconventional but Paul made an interesting parallel to justify his claim "Using grids in WPF is like buying a Ferrari to pick up...
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    RadControls for WPF CTP

    This week we are about to release a private CTP of RadControls for WPF. We will be sending the CTP build to all people who have previously requested WPF controls. If you still haven't requested WPF controls from our support or sales folks don't hesitate to drop them a line and we'll send you a build. If you're reading regularly the Telerik blogs may be you haven't missed Vassil's post about the Show Off videos which we prepared for MIX 08. In case you've watched carefully the "Telerik Resort Explorer" video you probably are asking yourself at least a couple of questions: 1) Oh my! Telerik will...
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    Have a safe trip from WinForms to WPF

    We have received several requests so far by customers who one way or another ask for the same thing: "Can you make your WPF controls in such a way that later when I convert my WinForms application (which use your WinForms controls) to WPF I wouldn't need to deal with different APIs and inconsistencies?".   In general, this could be achieved if we had: the same feature set in these two product lines the same API for our WinForms controls and WPF controls The first point is feasible and we'll do our best to do it.   The second, however, is something we probably won’t do....
    February 20, 2008
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    Pony returns

    Well... I haven't blogged for so long that I almost forgot about this activity. One of my last posts was around the time we made "the big Bang release". It was so long ago (April 2007) that we spelled Rad as r.a.d. at that time. May be you remember that at that time there was a quest about the release and there was a forum thread about the quest. One guy (Mark Fitzpatrick) asked for RadPony. Well, we couldn't release a pony and it's still not sure it’s going to appear on the roadmap but somehow for me the pony...
    February 01, 2008