Well... I haven't blogged for so long that I almost forgot about this activity. One of my last posts was around the time we made "the big Bang release". It was so long ago (April 2007) that we spelled Rad as r.a.d. at that time. May be you remember that at that time there was a quest about the release and there was a forum thread about the quest. One guy (Mark Fitzpatrick) asked for RadPony. Well, we couldn't release a pony and it's still not sure it’s going to appear on the roadmap but somehow for me the pony turned into a symbol of something great, something really cool, novel and crazy that people would love to see in our ever-growing product lines. "The RadPony release" was a blockbuster (New WinForms controls, Reporting Tool, AJAX controls, Silverlight 1.0 controls, etc.). We could stop then and rest on our laurels for a long time but... well, we couldn’t resist the temptation to push the limits of some of the emerging technologies).

As it's modern in the Hollywood movies, we decided to expand the series and include much more visual effects and animation. In this year's Pony movie you'll see some new heroes (Prometheus without beta tag, WPF, Silverlight 2.0) and some of the old heroes (WinForms, Reporting) will have new special, previously unknown, abilities. Soon I'll post some pictures of the WPF superhero to stop the speculations that he'll be the "invisible man". Actually he'll be full of colors.
So get some popcorn, sit comfortably and enjoy the movie! And remember that the movie is still in production and you can influence the script and the final cut - send us your ideas about the things you'd like to see in it and be a director! I promise we'll put your name in the credit titles.

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