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    Introducing JustTrace and JustDecompile

    Have you heard the news? New productivity tools have Just™ arrived, and it turns-out good things come in twos! JustTrace and JustDecompile have just been revealed and the betas are immediately available for download. JustTrace is a performance and memory profiler which can profile .NET 2.0+ (both web and desktop) and Silverlight applications. JustDecompile is a free tool which can decompile, and browse .NET assemblies. Continue reading to find what sets these two new tools apart from other profiling and decompiling tools available today. JustTrace When we started developing JustTrace we had a strong vision of what to include in the first version and where we couldn’t make any compromises. 1. We knew...
    April 27, 2011
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    JustMock Q2 SP1 available for download.

    We've just released JustMock Q2 2010 Service Pack 1 so feel free to log in to your telerik client accounts and download the latest bits. You can read more information about what we've managed to fix and what we've added here. Have a great and productive day!...
    August 10, 2010
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    JustCode Q2 2010 available for download.

    About a month ago we released JustCode Q2 Beta and you can check this post to get more information about what we've managed to include in the Beta version. Since then we've managed to add quite a few improvements and extra features which you may find useful: We've improved a lot the unit test runner, fixed the reported issues and added support for NUnit and MbUnit. We've added a new feature which we called "Visual aids". When this feature is turned on and when you place the cursor inside the code editor you'll see a small rectangle whenever JustCode has available commands...
    July 14, 2010
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    Two weeks till JustMock's first official appearance.

    Three months have passed since we released the first beta of JustMock. We've improved JustMock quite a lot since then, and we've fixed almost all of the reported problems. We also implemented many requested features. As we announced back in April, we'll make JustMock's first official version part of the Q2 release (round about the 12th of July). Most likely, the first question that comes to mind (if you're considering using JustMock) is "Should I use the first version of this product or should I wait until it is more mature?” I'll try to answer this question by providing a list of what...
    June 29, 2010
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    JustCode Q2 Beta available for download.

    We've just released a beta version of the upcoming Q2 release of JustCode and here's a short list of what we've managed to include in this build: We've included the much anticipated unit test runner. We've added support for MSTest and xUnit for now but for the official release we'll add support for NUnit and MbUnit. Using the JustCode's test runner you can easily run tests, debug tests, filter and group tests, etc. We plan to improve even further the unit testing story in JustCode but we'll keep that in secret for now :)   We've improved the Find Usages...
    June 10, 2010