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    New JustMock build available for download.

    We've been quite busy lately, trying to fix all the known issues and all the newly discovered problems (mainly thanks to customers' feedback). Fortunately we've managed to fix most of these problems and here's a list of all the fixes and small improvements, available in the latest JustMock build: Support for Visual Studio 2010 RTM. We've also included VS2010 solutions with examples so that you don't need to convert the 2008 solutions to 2010. Support for TestDriven.NET. Now you can run tests, which mock final, static, etc. members, using TestDriven.NET. Unfortunately, due to some integration between TypeMock and TestDriven.NET, the tests will still fail...
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    JustMock Beta available for download.

    We've just uploaded the latest JustMock bits so feel free to log in to your Telerik accounts and download JustMock. We'll be glad to hear your feedback. In the current JustMock build we've included documentation and examples to help you get started with our mocking tool. You can open the documentation from the JustMock menu in Visual Studio: It's still in an early stage but we'll improve it a lot more in the following few months. You can open the JustMock examples from the [JustMock Installation Folder]\Examples. Currently the tests which mock final / statics / etc. classes and members could be run with the default MSTest...
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    Mock. Just Mock. JustMock.

    It's my pleasure to announce the newest member of the Telerik product family – JustMock . We’re about to release the first beta of this new product on the 12th of April and the first official version is expected to be part of the Q2 release. Except JustMock, there’re some other big announcements we’re going to make on the 12th of April so please, stay tuned. This is just announcement 1/3. JustMock, as can be inferred from its name, is a mocking tool that will help you create better unit tests by making it easier for you to create mock objects (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mock_object)...
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    JustCode. Retrospective of the last 2+ months.

    Here's a short list of what we've managed to achieve during the last 2+ months since we released JustCode in November: We’ve fixed a lot of C# / VB.NET and JavaScript "Good Code Red" issues. "Good Code Red" issues occur when errors are reported by JustCode for code that actually compiles fine. We treat these types of issues with a very high priority as it's very annoying when errors and warnings are reported throughout the solution for code that works perfectly fine. If you still experience such problems, please report them to us and we'll fix them for the RC. You...
    January 29, 2010
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    JustCode. What's the benefit of having solution wide analysis?

    When I originally announced JustCode in an earlier post, I described its solution wide analysis feature as "it’s like having a compiler running all the time with the only difference being that it runs much faster." This is, of course, only true to an extent but as this is the major feature of JustCode I’ve decided to write a separate blog post describing, in detail, just how this feature can help you. I’ve also decided to split this blog post into several parts covering each of the different platforms support by JustCode as the solution wide analysis works differently depending on the...
    January 20, 2010