We've been quite busy lately, trying to fix all the known issues and all the newly discovered problems (mainly thanks to customers' feedback).
Fortunately we've managed to fix most of these problems and here's a list of all the fixes and small improvements, available in the latest JustMock build:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 RTM. We've also included VS2010 solutions with examples so that you don't need to convert the 2008 solutions to 2010.
  • Support for TestDriven.NET. Now you can run tests, which mock final, static, etc. members, using TestDriven.NET. Unfortunately, due to some integration between TypeMock and TestDriven.NET, the tests will still fail if you have TypeMock installed on your machine as TestDriven.NET explicitly disables all the profilers if you have TypeMock installed. We'll try to contact the TestDriven.NET guys and see whether we could get around this.
  • The snippets in the documentation have been fixed and additionally you can now browse the JustMock online documentation.
  • Fixed some sporadic crashes of Internet Explorer and vshost.ext when JustMock is installed and when Visual Studio is in debug mode (either debugging web applications or normal applications).
  • Fixed issues with mocking some classes (and their members) like HttpContext, SqlConnection, etc. and added tests in the JustMock examples solution for these scenarios.

I hope you'll enjoy the new JustMock build. Have a great and productive day!

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