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We've just released a beta version of the upcoming Q2 release of JustCode and here's a short list of what we've managed to include in this build:

  • We've included the much anticipated unit test runner. We've added support for MSTest and xUnit for now but for the official release we'll add support for NUnit and MbUnit.
    Using the JustCode's test runner you can easily run tests, debug tests, filter and group tests, etc.

    We plan to improve even further the unit testing story in JustCode but we'll keep that in secret for now :)
  • We've improved the Find Usages dialog and now you can easily distinguish and filter the read and write usages of a given member or variable.

    Additionally you can also distinguish these usages in the vertical stripe bar when doing Highlight Usages for example.

    Of course we haven't forgotten about the JavaScript developers so you can distinguish such usages in JavaScript too:

  •  We've added a global warning for unused namespaces:

  • We've added several quick fixes for removing unused code like unused usings:

    or unused parameters:

  • We've added three new commands which you can find when you right click in the Solution Explorer: Just Collapse All, Just Find All Dependent Code and Just Format All.

    • You can use the "Just Collapse All" command for collapsing all the child items of the currently selected solution, project or folder.
    • You can run the "Just Find All Dependent Code" command for the currently selected project, folder, file or reference and the Find Results window will appear showing all the code that depends on the selected item(s).

    • You can run the "Just Format All" command for the entire solution, for a project or for a project folder and JustCode will format all the files under the currently selected item using the JustCode formatting options you've set (JustCode Options / Code Style).
  • We've provided several features to make it easier for you to use JustMock.

    • The test runner fully supports JustMock and you shouldn't have any problems running JustMock "elevated" unit test with JustCode.

    • We've provided a global warning for mock objects which don't have any arranges set or which haven't been used in any mock asserts. This warning is turned off by default but you can easily turn it on from JustCode's options.

    • We've provided a quick fix for this warning so that you can quickly go and add arranges for the currently unused mock object without even writing a single line of code.

      When you run the quick fix you'll be able to select the member of the mocked type for which you would like to set a new arrange statement

      and when you select the member you'll be able to set the expected return value or the expected values of the method's parameters (if it's a method and if it has parameters).

      Finally JustCode generates the right arrange statement:

    • In case you've already added arranges for a given mock object, you can still run the "Create Mock Arrange" refactoring which will lead you through the same dialog for setting up a new arrange statement:

  • Last but not least we've fixed most of the reported issues and we've also improved the existing features. We've also improved quite the bit JustCode's performance under VS 2010 and hopefully you'll have much better experience with JustCode under this version of Visual Studio.

What's next:

We've planned a few more nice features for the Q2 release so please stay tuned for the Q2 release in the beginning of July.

Have a great and productive day!

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