About a month ago we released JustCode Q2 Beta and you can check this post to get more information about what we've managed to include in the Beta version.
Since then we've managed to add quite a few improvements and extra features which you may find useful:

  • We've improved a lot the unit test runner, fixed the reported issues and added support for NUnit and MbUnit.
  • We've added a new feature which we called "Visual aids".

    When this feature is turned on and when you place the cursor inside the code editor you'll see a small rectangle whenever JustCode has available commands for the currently selected identifier, keyword or for the selected code line(s).

    When you hover the rectangle you'll see one or more buttons providing access to the currently available refactorings, code navigations, code and test commands.

    You can also use the visual aids when you have selection and thus execute commands which rely on the current selection.

  • We've added a new category of features called "Quick hints" and for the Q2 release you'll find three quick hints (these are the quick hints which have been mostly requested by our customers) under Code Analysis / Quick Hints / C#.

    Unlike the quick fixes which provide a way to fix code which can't be compiled, the quick hints suggest to convert code from one state to another and they're only visible for the currently opened file.

    • The first quick hint which we have provided controls whether you want to have a suggestion for converting the "var" keyword to the actual type and vice versa.

      This way when you position the cursor over the "var" keyword for example and press Alt + Enter (or use the visual aids to open the "fixes" menu) you'll be able to quickly convert the "var" keyword to the actual type.

    • The second quick hint suggests to remove (or add) the "this" keyword in front of a member when appropriate.

    • The third quick hint suggests to convert a normal property to an auto implemented property and vice versa.

  • We've improved the XAML support by adding two more XAML features.

    • JustCode now annotates event handlers in XAML and you can navigate, find usages and highlight usages of such event handlers or get solution-wide warnings for not found event handlers.

      And of course we also provide a quick fix for fixing such errors.

    • We now provide a quick fix for adding missing namespaces in XAML.

  • We've added a new refactoring called "Pull Member to Base Class". When you execute this refactoring for a member of a given type, JustCode will move it to the base type along with the other private members it's using (if they're not used by other members).

  • We've added a new code command - "Add Stubs In Inheritors" which you can execute for a member of a type or for the whole type. You may find this command very useful when you've added a new member to an interface or to a base class and you want this member implemented in all the inheritors of this type instead of going into each inheritor and run "Add Stubs For Required Members" from there.

  • We've improved the templates by making them show the suggested items for the current context and fixed several small issues (now you can iterate through the templates indefinitely).


The new version is now available for download both through you Client.net account and through JustCode's auto-updates feature.

Have a great and productive day!

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