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This week we are about to release a private CTP of RadControls for WPF. We will be sending the CTP build to all people who have previously requested WPF controls. If you still haven't requested WPF controls from our support or sales folks don't hesitate to drop them a line and we'll send you a build.

If you're reading regularly the Telerik blogs may be you haven't missed Vassil's post about the Show Off videos which we prepared for MIX 08.
In case you've watched carefully the "Telerik Resort Explorer" video you probably are asking yourself at least a couple of questions:
1) Oh my! Telerik will release another "cube-like-control" - a RadRotatingEarth3D control. Somebody stop them!
2) Well, I see a grid. Does that mean that Telerik will release a grid control for WPF?

The good news is that our WPF offering has just one connection to the Silverlight Cube we built – it’s made to impress. The Silverlight Cube was impressive from a visual standpoint and it showed a tiny aspect of the cool new visualizations you can achieve in Silverlight with minimal effort. With our WPF offering we will try to impress in many more aspects – we will try to show you how easy it is to create a slick grid UI, with lots of capabilities out of the box and with unbeatable performance.

Getting back to the second question, the answer is “yes”. There will be a very powerful grid control in our WPF line up and it will:
- have very slick UI
- have several easily customizable themes
- be lookless and easily styleable
- perform very well even when loaded with lots of data records

Those of you who are already customers know that we’ve never accepted the common wisdom that what is feature rich and looks good has to be heavy and slow. We haven't made a compromise and from the very beginning we've designed our WPF grid control with performance in mind. We have tested it with 1 million records and I've captured a video to show how the grid performs when loaded with 1 million records.

As you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression, what was your first impression of our WPF grid?

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