A month ago I blogged about the WPF conversion contest. The blog discussed creating a tool which converts files from some other formats (3DS, SWF, etc.) to XAML. Back then I said that my personal favorite - a tool which converts a flash file to XAML - is missing. Several days later Mike Swanson emailed me and told me that he himself is actually working on such a tool. A month later, this tool is a fact! I can't say anything else than "Great work, Mike". My personal favorite is not missing any more:)
Zhivko from the telerik UX team gave me 3 .swf files to experiment with and the results were quite good. I managed to convert two of the flash files to XAML without any problems, and had problems with just several frames from the third .swf file. I tried to isolate the issue by removing the effects which were applied to those frames (changing opacity, also removed some images) but without avail. May be I'll have to wait a little for the next version.

Btw this may be a lame advice but... don't put the .swf file which you plan to convert on your desktop. By default the converter extracts the images from the .swf file in the same folder and if your flash contains lots of images you won't recognize your desktop. I'm always eager to put my hands on cool new apps and I always start with clicking for several minutes before I read what actually I'm supposed to do and sometimes this leads to problems :)

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