There's a telerik contest going on. The requirements are simple - you have to prepare a small app using our WinForms controls and fill in a survey. We've already started receiving participants' applications and I'm really amazed how quickly people get used to our controls, and especially how fast they've learned to use the Visual Style Builder application (the application which helps you create a theme and style each telerik Windows Forms UI control).

We'll be offering three iPods as 3rd prizes, an Xbox 360 as the second prize, and the winner will get a fabulous 4 day trip to Hawaii! Why Hawaii? Well, there's no symbolism in that. While Microsoft uses names of the Pacific Northwest islands for the Visual Studio codenames (Whidbey, Orcas, etc.), we don't use codenames. Hawaii is just a cool place and we thought you might feel about it the same way:)
We'll be grateful (and generous:) to get your feedback about our new product line.

BTW, it looks like Visual Studio Hawaii will be on the pipeline just after Orcas ships out.

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