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New Network Capture Mode

The new capturing mode is an alternative method to the System Proxy and is a more powerful way to capture network traffic through a Network Extension. It works on a lower level and can capture all HTTP(S) traffic no matter the limitations of different frameworks, applications, and OSes. It is currently in beta and available for macOS users only.

Fiddler Everywhere network-extension

New Breakpoints

This has been a highly requested feature for Fiddler Everywhere, and it is now added to the app as part of the Rules actions list. You can set a breakpoint before sending a request or before sending a response and pause the execution to test multiple scenarios or make any changes to the Raw headers and body data manually.


Fiddler Everywhere Breakpoints

Improved Protocols Support

We have extended the protocols supported in Fiddler Everywhere and you can now capture, decode and investigate properly the following types of sessions:

  • Server-sent events
  • MessagePack
  • SocketIO

Fiddler Everywhere server sent-socketio-messagepack

New Status Bar

We have updated the application status bar in Fiddler Everywhere to show important information and indicators related to you work process:


  • Zoom level - easily control the zoom level of the app by choosing a predefined zoom level percentage, using the +/- signs or the keyboard shortcuts
  • Selected sessions - find information about how many rows are currently selected from the grid and additional details in the popup window about total and visible sessions
  • Enabled rules - the new icon shows insights if you have any enabled rules that might affect your traffic capturing and how many rules are active
  • Port information - the port icon state if remote devices are currently allowed to connect to the app
  • Traffic sources - quickly see which traffic options are active and how you are currently capturing sessions in the grid

Fiddler Everywhere new status-bar

Official HTTP/2 Support

Capturing of HTTP/2 requests in Fiddler Everywhere is officially supported and the setting is enabled by default for all users - if you need to change this status, navigate to the application settings.


Fiddler Everywhere

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