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The R3 2019 release of Kendo UI jQuery components is here, bringing four new components, including the new timeline component, and highly-requested features.

R3 2019 is already here and with it comes a set of brand new UI components for jQuery, as well as many features to existing components! Highlights for this release includes brand new Timeline, Filter, and Rating components, as well as updates to the Grid and PDFViewer components along with accessibility improvements across the board.

Let’s dive straight in and check out specifically what is coming out with today’s R3 2019 release!

New jQuery Components

New Component: Timeline

The new Kendo UI Timeline component showcasing a timeline of event representing someones travel milestones
This is a component that we are extremely excited to announce as it is a pretty unique UI component! With R3 2019 we are introducing the new Timeline component, which gives developers a way to visualize a series of events across a span of time.

The events that are displayed are fully customizable and can either take advantage of a default layout, or utilize a template to take full control over the look and feel. The layout can be configured to be either vertical or horizontal, and events can be expanded or collapsed to provide more or less detail.

This component is pretty visual and the best way to experience what can be done with it is to play around with it and luckily we have a whole set of demos to do just that! Head on over to the Kendo UI Timeline component demos to see just how you can start using this component in your applications today!

New Component: Card

Kendo UI Card component showcasing an image, text, as well as extra buttons to interact with the card
The card has become a standard UI element in modern UX design. Wanting to deliver a layout element like the card that fits in to the designs that our Kendo UI themes offer, with R3 2019 we are introducing the new Kendo UI Card component! Out of the box you can bind to the header and content of the card with ease, but we also offer the ability to define templates to ensure that developers can customize the look and feel much more. This can also be integrated with other Kendo UI components like the ListView, which can make for a great combination to deliver a beautiful user experience.

New Component: Rating

Kendo UI rating widget showcasing a one through six value scale, as well as a gradient from strongly disagree to strongly agree
The new Rating component is something that has been requested for some time and we’re glad to say that it is finally here! The name gives it away, but the Rating component is intended to help with providing a quick way for users to input a rating on any predefined scale. You can define the value range, create custom labels and tooltips, provide your own icons, as well as if you want to work with half values. Along these lines you can also provide your own custom templates if the built-in look-and-feel does not fit our designs.

The Rating component demos showcase all of the above-mentioned features and more!

New Component: Filter

The Kendo UI jQuery filter component building out a filter expression
The new Filter Component provides a flexible and intuitive way to have a external filter user experience that can be attached to any list of data. The goal of this component is to take the complex action of building filter expressions and make it far more user-friendly.

To tinker around with this component, head on over to our online filter component demos to see just what goes in to this component!

Feature Enhancements to Existing Components

PDFViewer - Various Improvements

The Kendo UI PDF Viewer showcasing zoom, scale, and text searching capabilities
The PDFViewer received a ton of requested features for R3 2019. Based on customer feedback from v1.0 we have spent time on implementing some of the most-requested features since the initial launch of this component. That includes zoom and scale functionality, the ability to configure documents to FitToWidth and FitToPage, searching within the PDF document, as well as built-in print functionality.

DataSource - Request Headers

The DataSource framework item is one of the most-used features within Kendo UI as it is not only default part of any data-bound component found in Kendo UI, a lot of our users actually implement it for data communication across their entire application. A missing feature, so far, has been around configuring custom headers in the request, something that is especially important when the Authorization header has to be set. This is why, with R3 2019, we have introduced the ability to set custom headers within any data source configuration.

Grid - Built-in Search Panel

The Kendo UI Grid showcasing the new search panel feature, giving a search box in the top right of the component
The Kendo UI Grid has had filtering for quite some time and also has provided a way to provide a custom toolbar at the top of the Grid headers. Combining these has worked well for providing some additional or custom filter options within the Grid. However, a feature that has been requested frequently in the past is to provide a search text box in this header area as a built-in feature. This is why we are introducing the built-in search panel for the Kendo UI Grid with R3 2019!

This feature can be configured to define if a single field should be filterable with this search panel, or if you need multiple fields to be filtered this can be done just as easily. The Kendo UI Grid Search Panel demo showcases just how this can be set up in any Grid.

Overall Accessibility Improvements

Web Accessibility is extremely important for the Kendo UI team and we are continuously improving the accessibility of our components. This effort has been visible through our WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.1 support and with R3 2019 we have continue to expand on our accessibility by improving our support across the board. Most notably the Grid, Editor, Scheduler, and Window components have received updates in this area.

We Want to Hear From You!

With every release we want to make sure we take the time to hear what you, our great Kendo UI community, would like to see in upcoming releases. Are there any particular UI components that you are missing? Any specific features you’d like to see added to existing components? Head on over to the Kendo UI feedback portal and submit your ideas, or comment in the section below, to make sure we can add your ideas to our road map!

Register for our Live R3 2019 Webinar!

The Kendo UI team is doing a live webinar on October 8 that will cover everything mentioned in this blog post (and more) - all live! The jQuery components will be covered on October 8, 11:30 am - 12:00 pm ET. Seats are limited, so make sure you register to reserve your seat.

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