I've been working on the KendoUI-Backbone Integration recently, and wanted to show you a quick demonstration of what I've been doing.

This demo shows the basics of how the 2-way synchronization between a Kendo UI DataSource and a Backbone.Collection work, with add forms and grids for both.

The Kendo UI Labs are located at http://labs.kendoui.com.

The kendo-backbone project, which includes the demo app that I am showing in this video, is at: https://github.com/kendo-labs/kendo-backbone.

About the Author

Derick Bailey

About the Author
Derick Bailey is a Developer Advocate for Kendo UI, a developer, speaker, trainer, screen-caster and much more. He's been slinging code since the late 80’s and doing it professionally since the mid 90's. These days, Derick spends his time primarily writing javascript with back-end languages of all types, including Ruby, NodeJS, .NET and more. Derick blogs atDerickBailey.LosTechies.com, produces screencasts atWatchMeCode.net, tweets as @derickbailey and provides support and assistance for JavaScript, BackboneJS,MarionetteJS and much more around the web.

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