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    GeoJSON For Pirates, Kittehs And Coders

    Kendo UI’s map control has a lot of great features built in to it, as I’ve shown already. One of those feature is the ability to display GeoJSON based maps. But, what exactly is GeoJSON? How can I built awesomeness with it? Can I use it to take over the world, or should I just go back to bed and eat cheese puffs while watching cartoons? Ok, sorry. I guess we can all dream of cheese-puffed-cartoons, but chances are we won’t be able to take over the world with GeoJSON… OR CAN WE?!
    January 16, 2014
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    Live From CodeMash 2014!

    I was lucky enough to attend the CodeMash 2014 this week, and saw some great content, had fun playing games and also got to give a talk! Telerik, of course, was a HUGE sponsor of the event and we had a lot of great people here. We all had fun, the conference was great, and I wanted to share a few of the highlights from my visit.
    January 10, 2014
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    Getting Started With DataViz Maps: Onions And Ogres?!

    With the Q3 2013 release of Kendo UI, we introduced a new Map control in the DataViz suite. With features like map markers, zoom, touch-based input, tile-based maps and GeoJSON, this control makes it easier than ever to add maps to your app, with compatibility all the way back to IE7! But The DataViz Map control does not provide it’s own map images for tiling or other layers - this is something that you have to provide through integration with tile-based map services. Fortunately, this is as easy as typing in a URL.
    December 12, 2013
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    DataViz Does Rendering Modes And Browser Support

    Kendo UI’s DataViz suite is one of the most flexible and versatile data visualization suites around. It has a leading number of charts, graphs, geo-spacial visualizations, and other bits, letting you chart, plot and pie your way to amazing dashboards and graphs. It also also has a suite of rendering engines that support browsers all the way back to IE7. But don’t worry - DataViz is not mired in ancient technologies that keep it from moving forward. IE7 support is handled through one of three rendering engines in the suite: the VML engine, SVG or Canvas.
    December 04, 2013
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    Q3 2013 Keynote Recording, Demo Resources and Prize Winners!

    Yesterday we had our 3rd quarterly release for Kendo UI’s 2013 year, and was it ever a good one! We nailed down a huge update to nearly every part of Kendo UI this round, all along our theme of 3 pillars: Pillar 1: Responsive (Kendo UI Widgets). Pillar 2: Adaptive (Grid and Scheduler). Pillar 3: Modern (UI Dimensions). There’s a lot of great updates to an already amazing suite of resources, including the introduction of our new feline overlord, the GeoKitteh!
    November 21, 2013