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    To Navigate, Or Not To Navigate?

    Routers are powerful tools in Single Page Applications, and Kendo UI's router provides an API to wrap up this power. But the API hides a lot of potential complexity and performance issues if you're not careful. Calling the navigate method without regard for the current context of the application and whether or not that context is changing can result in unwanted re-rendering of the entire application. This can reduce the responsiveness of the app, waste time re-drawing content that isn't changing, and cause a lot of flickering on the screen - and none of this is desirable from a user's perspective.
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    A Day At The SPA With kendo.Router

    This luxurious SPA life can be difficult. It can lead to some #FirstWorldProblems. What if I want to get started with my treatments and therapy, but I have to stop in the middle and come back later? I don't want to re-start the procedure that I've already started. I would rather return to the same therapist and pick up where I left off.
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    A Day At The SPA With kendo.Layout

    On my last visit to the SPA, I introduced the new kendo.View and showed some of the use cases and API calls for it. This second visit will include a weekend package with a room, and a relaxation session with DOM replacement therapy. I'll introduce the kendo.Layout and show how it enhances the massage techniques of the kendo.View.
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    A Day At The SPA With kendo.View

    Oh, the luxuries of life at the spa. Sitting in a quiet room with low light, gentle music, and being pampered by attendees. It's the spa life for me.
    April 18, 2013
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    Hijacking .toJSON For Fun And Profit

    In my previous post on JSON, I covered the basics of what a JSON document is, and showed a few very simple things that can be done to produce them. In this post, I want to expand on one of those methods, toJSON, and show how to produce a custom JSON document for any JavaScript object, no matter what framework is serializing the object ...
    April 04, 2013