The Q2 2013 releast of Kendo UI saw the introduction of the new Scheduler widget - a highly requested, highly customizable widget that allows you to schedule things in a calendar view.

Along with a new widget, of course, there is a lot of new documentation and new resources for getting started and using it. The schedular, with it’s already powerful and flexible feature set (in spite of still being a ‘beta’) is no exception, of course. And one of the best resources I’ve seen for getting started with it, is the Kendo UI Scheduler screencast course at

In-Depth Scheduler Material

There’s a lot that I like about this course, having watched all 10 lessons over the last few days. The author, Ayad Boudiab, goes in to great depth and detail about how to use the various aspects of the scheduler from both a UI and interactive perspective, but also from a code and configuration perspective.

Each episode past the first two, shows a quick review of how to get the scheduler up and running in your page. From there, Ayad dives in to one aspect of the schedular, covering the configuration and functionality in the user interface as he goes.

Common Mistakes And Solutions

One of my favorite parts about this course, honestly, is seeing some of the common mistakes that JavaScript developers make. Ayad accidentally forgets a , or ) in a few places and this breaks the code he’s writing. When this happens, though, he quickly recovers by walking through each line of code that he just wrote, looking for mistakes.

Personally, I find this style of learning - by watching others correct problems - to be invaluable. Having all of the answers all of the time just doesn’t mesh with my view of the world. We all make mistakes and seeing how others discover and correct those mistakes adds a lot of value to any screencast series.

A Great Introduction To Kendo UI

Beyond the schedular itself, this course is also a great introduction and getting started course for Kendo UI itself. In the first lesson, Ayad covers the basics of what Kendo UI is, how to download it, what files need to be included in your HTML, and more.

If your new to Kendo UI, need to help get someone else up to speed, or you want to see a deep dive in to the new Scheduler widget, you need to check out this course. It’s free to register for a account and the course itself is also free.

So check out the Kendo UI Scheduler course at It’s well worth your time.

About the Author

Derick Bailey

About the Author
Derick Bailey is a Developer Advocate for Kendo UI, a developer, speaker, trainer, screen-caster and much more. He's been slinging code since the late 80’s and doing it professionally since the mid 90's. These days, Derick spends his time primarily writing javascript with back-end languages of all types, including Ruby, NodeJS, .NET and more. Derick blogs, produces screencasts, tweets as @derickbailey and provides support and assistance for JavaScript, BackboneJS,MarionetteJS and much more around the web.

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