Don’t worry, there are no Day of the Doctor spoilers contained in this post! But there is the potential for time travel and also cake. Definitely cake.

Before we descend onto the capital for next week’s inaugural NDC London, our technical Time Lords will touchdown in the Telerik TARDIS, their destination: Edinburgh, Scotland.

On Monday December 2nd, Burke and Brandon will treat you to an afternoon of HTML5, Mobile and Time Travel at the Microsoft Offices in Edinburgh. Best of all, this event is completely free to attend!

We’ll be covering HTML5, building native mobile apps with web tech (you heard me right, native!), and we’ll take a quick trip to the future to see how the web platform could be changing. We’re looking for enthusiastic developers to come and join us - bring your questions, queries and Doctor Who puns!

We’ve almost reached capacity so check out the agenda and register for your free spot now. We’re really looking forward to spending the afternoon with you.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Craig Murphy of the Scottish Developers for helping us to plan this event. He has been invaluable. He and I will be harnessing our inner Paul Hollywood (well he will, I’ll be channeling Mary Berry) and in the spirit of everything kitsch and British, we’ll be bringing homemade cake!

Come and join us and let’s raise a dram to Telerik’s first trip to Bonnie Scotland! 

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Rachel Hawley

Rachel Hawley is a developer community enabler. A sometime technophobe who loves her Windows Phone, she can mostly be found wandering in the English countryside with her two dogs while sporting t-shirts procured through years of attendance at technical events. You can find her on Twitter, tweeting as @RachelHawley

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