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Here are some invigorating news from the Telerik labs - starting with the official Q1 2011 release our AJAX components will provide integrated VS 2010 MSHelp3 documentation! For all of you who take advantage of the new Visual Studio help format and Help Viewer 1.0, now is the time to dive into the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX help directly from Visual Studio 2010 (by simply pressing F1 as usual). AJAX_Beta_Q1_2011

We are beginning to use the Sandcastle project to generate CHM, MS Help2, MS Help3 and web documentation for our AJAX controls (the Telerik MVC Extensions do that from day one). With this step we are aiming to unify the look and feel of our web controls' online and offline help and, at the same time, get closer to the MSDN-like browsing experience. Here are a couple of screen shots that illustrate what to expect from the new Telerik AJAX controls docs:

Online help


MS Help3 - offline browser view


The MS Help3 pack will be registered automatically via the Telerik AJAX components MSI installer, while you will still have the option to plug the help manually in your Visual Studio 2010 using .bat/view files that reside in the RadControls installation folder. The old MS Help2 (for VS 2008 integration) is detached from the install packages and will be available for download separately from the Telerik accounts 'Product Files Download' sections.

The foundation of the new AJAX help infrastructure has been settled with the Telerik Q1 2011 AJAX Beta release. If you are already playing with it, I will give you a tip: you can install the MS Help3 docs by hand clicking subsequently the


files which can be found at the following default location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2011\Documentation.

In addition, the first preview of the new AJAX web help is at your disposal at Still there are a few discrepancies and glitches that will be eliminated for the official bits, so please bear with us.

Do not hesitate to leave us a comment about the new Telerik AJAX controls documentation and how to improve it even further for the future releases!

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Stefan Rahnev

Stefan Rahnev (@StDiR) is Product Manager for Telerik Kendo UI living in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has been working for the company since 2005, when he started out as a regular support officer. His next steps at Telerik took him through the positions of Technical Support Director, co-team leader in one of the ASP.NET AJAX teams and unit manager for UI for ASP.NET AJAX and Kendo UI. Stefan’s main interests are web development, agile processes planning and management, client services and psychology.

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