• .NET

    RadDateSelector for Windows Phone 7 – Loaded within a standard in-browser Silverlight application.

    Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 is version 3.7 hence a WP7 control should be easily used within a standard Silverlight 4 application. But that’s in theory. The major differences between these two worlds are the so called “Manipulation” events. Each UIElement in WP7’s Silverlight is “enabled” with the following routed events: ManipulationStarted ManipulationDelta ManipulationCompleted  Generally this sequence of events encapsulates one or more touch gestures in a transaction block. The event arguments carry all the information needed to determine what the gesture is and what effect to generate. And of course RadControl for WP7 use these events extensively in order to provide consistent and rich...
    November 02, 2010
  • Mobile

    Windows Phone 7 performance - emulator vs physical device

    Part I - App loading time There are a lot of speculations about how different is the execution speed of a Silverlight application when it runs in the WindowsPhone7 emulator and when it runs on the device. Now that we have the RTM devices, we can measure the actual difference! I've prepared 3 very simple WP7 applications: App1 (download). Application that just loads an empty phone application page. App2 (download). Application that loads a phone application page that contains a Pivot control with 2 items, and App3 (download). Application that loads a phone application page that contains a Panorama control with 2 items. I'm measuring the Application initial load time - in this case this is the time between creation...
    November 01, 2010
  • .NET

    RadLoopingPanel – a look inside (or why Telerik’s RadDatePicker is the fastest date picker tool for Windows Phone 7)

    Everything in Windows Phone 7 is Content and Motion. Both of these key Metro parts are combined with a blazing fast performance and unmatched responsiveness throughout the entire OS. Same must be true for all custom applications – no room for performance compromises. And that is why one of the major focuses of the entire development process of RadControls for WP7 is performance. We are even ready to delay some features for a next release for the sake of being feather-light and as fast as possible. As I explained in this blog post, from the very beginning we tried to reuse the...
  • .NET

    DevConnections 2010 Update (Did someone say Windows Phone 7?)

    Since I can now officially talk about the secret behind the Telerik Vendor session at DevConnections 2010 in Las Vegas next week... yes, the "unannounced extras" will be licenses for our Windows Phone 7 controls!  That's right, by being one of the first 50 people to the Telerik session on Tuesday night (first in the list below), you get a free license for RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for Windows Phone 7.  The demo that I'll be presenting will cover using the RadControls for Silverlight suite as well as the just-today-announced RadControls for Windows Phone CTP, so you can see the latest...
    October 28, 2010
  • .NET

    Building a Windows Phone 7 control from the ground up - Part Two - the “Date ListBox”

    The next interesting part of building a Windows Phone 7 DatePicker control is the Date ListBox. That is a ListBox which should meet the following requirements: Can display in a human readable manner one of the three Date components: Day, Month and Year Should be “Infinite” – as discussed in my previous post. Should use data virtualization (to be most efficient). As you can see our “Infinite ListBox” project now comes in hand. The last two of the upper requirements are already implemented and all we need to do is to implement a special VirtualizedDataItem<DateTime> that provides the needed information to bind to. For a...
    September 02, 2010