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    Styling Native Apps with CSS

    Now that the second major preview of Telerik’s open source NativeScript product has been released, I am quite excited to share with you where we are now and what we are after in terms of code reuse and a cross-platform UI API. This release is an important milestone for us as we managed to prototype […] The post Styling Native Apps with CSS appeared first on Telerik Developer Network....
    November 17, 2014
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    RadControls for Windows 8 Q3, Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013

    We are quite excited to announce the immediate availability of our RadControls for Windows 8 Q3 2013 BETA release. As described in this blog post there are several major new components as well as plenty of bug fixes and improvements both for the XAML and HTML suites. Windows 8.1 General Availability is forthcoming around mid-October and we are already updating our projects and components to target 8.1 natively.
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    Filter your Windows Store Data with RadGrid (Video Included)

    “Fast and fluid UX” is the backbone of the Windows 8 design paradigm. Touch-friendly, highly responsive and intuitive applications are now standard and we, at Telerik, are aiming high to strictly follow these standards and paradigms when building our RadControls for Windows 8 suite.
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    Data Storage for Windows Store Apps - a Walkthrough

    With the Q2 Release of RadControls for Windows 8 we announced a new Data Storage framework that fills the gap of a local database solution missing in Windows 8/RT. Our solution is based on the well-established SQLite engine but provides additional functionality. Particularly, we implemented a LINQ to SQLite provider and some simple ORM features for the .NET Framework on top of it. On the JavaScript and HTML 5 side, the ORM capabilities are wrapped by a lightweight library which allows JavaScript developers to take advantage of the local database storage using JS objects and standard SQL expressions.
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    Fluid Grouping UI in RadGrid for Windows 8 (Video Included)

    One of our major commitments in our RadControls for Windows 8 suite is to re-imagine every single piece of functionality for touch and the Modern UI paradigms. Strictly following this commitment our User Experience team has designed innovative yet elegant and fluid interfaces to allow end-users to modify the Grouping state of RadGrid for Windows 8 through touch and mobile devices.