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    RadChart for Windows 8 WinRT – A Prelude

    This is part one of the RadChart for WinRT blog series. For more information please refer to the other parts of the series: Part two - The Compilation Part three - Taking its First Breath   Now that the early bits of WinRT – the new Windows 8 development platform are out, we (at Telerik) are eager to explore this whole new world that awaits us - the opportunities it offers and the challenges to be faced. I would like to elaborate a bit more on how we feel about this new world. We are strong believers that a programming language is only a tool used...
    September 29, 2011
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    Palette support in RadChart for Windows Phone

      We are working hard to improve our charting component for Windows Phone 7 and to make it more and more feature-rich. And we are happy to share that as of Service Pack 1 of the Mango build of our tools, RadChart gets “Palette” support. A Palette may be thought of as a collection of brushes that define the look-and-feel of chart series and data points. The API is quite flexible and allows you to create custom palette or to select from the built-in ones. Two predefines palettes are currently available – Contrast and Warm. To simplify the usage we have created a smart...
    September 21, 2011
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    Mango and System.Reflection.Emit – new optimizations in RadControls for Windows Phone

    One of the tasty new features of the new “Mango” update of the Windows Phone developer tools is the presence of System.Reflection.Emit. This allows us, developers, to do some nice tricks to boost the overall app performance in corner cases. As some of you may be familiar with our RadChart for Windows Phone API, there are two types of DataPoint bindings, allowing you to MVVM-bind the chart:  PropertyNameDataPointBinding GenericDataPointBinding<T, TResult>  As the name hints, the first type of binding uses the name of a property in order to retrieve the corresponding value, while the second one uses a generic Func<T, TResult> delegate to get...
    September 13, 2011
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    RadChart for Windows Phone – going to the pole

      Q2 2011 was the first official release of RadChart for Windows Phone – first class charting solution offering unbeatable performance and feature richness. Having the chart officially out however does not mean that we will put less effort in enriching it with new functionality. On the contrary – we have plans to push hard in order to make RadChart the richest charting component on the market. Today we are releasing an update to our RadControls for Windows Phone, which targets the new Mango update from Microsoft, and we are happy to announce the new RadPolarChart and the three polar series – Point, Line...
    August 18, 2011
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    RadChart for Windows Phone 7 – fun with gestures

    As Q2 2011 is officially out, we are really excited about all the interactivity features we shipped with our charting component. Together with all the built-in goodies like PanAndZoom, Trackball and Tooltip, we have also implemented a flexible and convenient way for extending the default gesture handling behavior of RadChart. By implementing a handler for the RadChart.PreviewGesture event you may provide completely custom interactivity depending on your custom scenario. When marked as “Handled” the event will have higher priority than any default behaviors registered with the Chart. Simple drill-down functionality Let’s play a bit more with the PreviewGesture event by implementing a...