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    GDI+ in a Windows 8 C# Metro Application – Experimenting for Fun

    It’s been about two months since Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out and we, at Telerik, have been enjoying the new framework and all the features it offers. One of the aspects we've been exploring is the immediate mode rendering and what options the new runtime offers. XAML is in the core of WinRT (Windows Runtime) and it offers rich presentation capabilities but sometimes, especially on devices with limited hardware resources, we need to achieve even better performance to get up to the “fast and fluid” Metro applications' standard. As I explained in this blog post, Direct2D is undoubtedly the best choice...
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    Metro, Direct2D and XAML – Burst of Performance in Windows 8

    Now that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out we are eager to explore the new framework and the features it offers. While part of it is the good old XAML, there are plenty of other unique features, one of them being the DirectX integration at XAML level. While XAML is a great technology and offers literally unlimited features regarding layout and UI richness, sometimes there are cases where we need to push the framework beyond its limits in order to achieve highly-performing components with responsive and fluid user interaction. Although in most cases writing efficient algorithms and using the proper data structures...
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    When Should You Use Metro, Version 2

    A blog by Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist at Telerik. (Original post here) During my busy week at the Microsoft BUILD conference, I cranked-out a quick and rough decision tree designed to help you decide which Microsoft platform you should use for app development:Silverlight/WPF, HTML5, or the new Metro/WinRT. The chart proved to be very popular, so I thought I'd revisit the decision tree and with the benefit of more time to reflect, produce a new, more complete version. Thus, I present version 2 of the "How to Pick Your Platform" chart. What's Different? In the original chart, the first question I made you answer was, "Do you need to support...
    September 21, 2011