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    How To: Display RadGridView Row Details with RadWindow for Silverlight

    In one of my previous blog posts I have explained how to display hierarchical data with Row Details. Now, if you are familiar with Row Details features, you know that you are not limited to showing the details inside RadGridView. You can show them anywhere by using the handy external DetailsPresenter. As a matter of fact, each GridViewRow has one of those DetailsPresenter’s inside its template. So you will be using the same class that we are using internally to show the details of each single row. The documentation states that in order to display Row Details outside RadGridView, you need to place...
    December 11, 2009
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    Smooth scrolling in RadGridView for WinForms

    Up until Q3 2009, RadGridView for WinForms used a scrollbar in every child view when in hierarchy mode. This however can be a problem when there are many nested levels, i.e. it can lead to a situation where you do not have enough visual estate to scroll through the hierarchy:     In our latest release RadGridView is using only one scrollbar that scrolls the root level and all the child views, with no performance loss whatsoever, because we have optimized the scrolling mechanism to be better performing and smoother:     Since there are cases where using nested scrollbars is the better option, we still offer the...
    November 05, 2009
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    Quick and painless Byte Array to Image converter for RadGridView for Silverlight

    We received a question today in regards to a binding issue with RadGridView, or rather an issue with an Image in a custom cell template that the customer was trying to bind to a custom value.  They had the basic setup right: <DataTemplate>    <Image Source="{Binding ImageData}" /> </DataTemplate> But something wasn't quite working right.  After doing a little digging, we found that they weren't sending a URI to the Image but rather a byte array.  Unfortunately, the Image control in Silverlight doesn't quite know how to pick up on this so you need to convince it- with a converter. With a little bit of coding...
    October 07, 2009
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    Picking and Choosing Columns with RadGridView for WinForms

    Have you ever run into a situation where you needed to allow a user to select which columns they want to see in a grid?  If you are using the RadGridView for WinForms you don’t have to lift a finger to implement this functionality.  The Column Chooser is available for the RadGridView out of the box.  Simply bind your data and you are ready to go.  You can access the Column Chooser by right clicking on any column and selecting Column Chooser from the context menu.  The Column Chooser is displayed as a floating window next to the application.  You can now drag...
    May 15, 2009
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    Computing Values in the RadGridView for WinForms

    When working with data there are a number of occasions where you may want to calculate a value for display within a grid.  Did you know you can do this within the RadGridView itself?  It is really quite simple.  To compute a column within the RadGridView you need to set the Expression property of the destination column.  This may be a new column that you are adding to the grid to store the value or you can override the value of an existing column by setting the Expression property.  Below is an example of the syntax to calculate an average across all...