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    Recent Telerik Watch Posts

    For those of you that are not yet subscribed to Telerik Watch, here is a quick recap of some of the more interesting posts from the last few weeks: Q1 Quest almost revealed! gadget SDKs ranked, compare online code converters windows vista sidebar gadget ready, tab extender. If you have not yet added your piece to the Q1 Quest, I'd highly encourage you to check out the Quest post and get involved in this exciting community game. Those interested in the online code converter and accompanying gadgets will enjoy the next three links from the above list. And finally, if you've ever wanted an easy way to...
    April 18, 2007
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    The Ajax Papers: Part III

    Part III: Why, When, and What Download the easy to read PDF version (includes Trivia not in online version)In parts one and two in this series on Ajax we examined in detail how Ajax communication works and how JavaScript is used to update the page after an Ajax callback. We looked at some of the specific ways RadAjax and ASP.NET AJAX handle Ajax operations and, in short, removed (or at least greatly reduced) the mystery of how these frameworks do their magic. In this installment, we’ll move past the “how” and “where” of Ajax and start to look at the “why”, “when”, and “what” (I don’t think we have...
    April 16, 2007
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    Ajax Manager WebCast Full

    For those of you who are not subscribed to my Telerik Watch blog, I want to bring your attention to some important news. The Ajax Manager WebCast that I'll be doing with Microsoft this week is already full! Clearly everyone is eager to see the latest from Telerik and how we're embracing ASP.NET AJAX and I want to thank everyone for making this WebCast an early success. The good news for those of you who did not register in time is that the entire event will be available on demand sometime next week. For full details on accessing the on...
    March 27, 2007
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    The Ajax Papers: Part II

    The Ajax PapersPart II: Updating the PageDownload formatted PDF version for easy readingIn part one of this series on Ajax we looked at Ajax basics. What it is. How it works. Where it executes. We learned that Ajax communication (in its most basic form) only takes a few lines of JavaScript to work. If Ajax is so easy, what’s all the fuss about Ajax being so hard? Even though Ajax in its purest sense just defines a method for communicating asynchronously with the server, it is relatively useless unless you do something with the information returned from the server. That “something” usually means that you need to...
    March 26, 2007
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    The Ajax Papers: Part I

    The Ajax Papers Part I: The Intro and the Basics Download formatted PDF version for easy readingAjax. We’ve all heard of it and most of us have already started to use it. Many of us (“us” being ASP.NET developers) probably decided to use Ajax because Telerik’s radAjax component made it very easy to add Ajax to our existing projects. We figured what the heck? Telerik makes it easy to add Ajax to my site and the boss will love to see the Ajax buzz word in my list of accomplishments. As radAjax developers, though, we often take for granted what’s actually happening under...
    March 08, 2007